Teacher Stress….



When someone asks me how I like teaching? I sigh and say it’s stressful and usually the response that I get is every job is stressful. Yes, there is stress in every job but, teachers have large amounts of stress which is very detrimental to our health and lives. Each year the demands go up, students in a classroom increase, help goes down and lets not even talk about the money aspect.

A day in the life of my classroom I manage 31 six year oldsĀ and all their behaviors, lesson plans, grading papers, assessing the students knowledge, counsel students, be nurse, reply to endless of emails, write reports, plan for the next two weeks lessons, enter grades, return parent calls. The tasks are endless… Now, to find time to teach a lesson while still needing to get in oodles of worksheets required.

These 31 little kids are our future leaders so as teachers we go above and beyond teaching, making the lessons extra special, working 12-15 hour days just to make sure the students get the quality of learning they deserve. There is only so long that a person can go on like this.

Teachers are dropping like flies and education system needs to wake-up and see what they are doing. I know so many teachers who are suffering with depression, anxiety, and other related conditions brought on by the stress and demands of being a teacher. I have a friend who is strong, caring, kind, and supportive. But if you ask her she will tell you she believes she is a bad teacher, cannot control the students, and nothing she ever does is good enough.

As a teacher I am constantly being bullied by parents who listen to the lies that their students tell them, because I would lie about a skirt being to short or your student cheating on a test. Administrators and lead teachers are looking out for their upper ends and use bullying tactics with teachers that aren’t part of the “related/family” teachers. Oh yes, more than 60% of my school is related, so heaven forbid if someone overhears a gripe–it’s probably a relative. While I try to ask for help in some areas, I am looked down upon as being weak and disorganized. While a day off here and there….the stress just keeps building and building.

Surely there is a school out there that actually stands together as a team, supports one another, gives assistance and kind words. A school where parents respect the teacher and takes her word as truth and holds it with value. Surely there is a school out there that encourages hands-on learning, parent involvement, and allows teachers to run their classrooms without micromanaging every task. Where teaching is valued and technology is driven and supported. Surely there is a school that gives teachers daily planning times, lunch breaks, and celebrates teachers and all their hard work.

Maybe one day I will find a school which values teachers well-being…till then, I’ll be searching for the perfect fit for me while trying to not stress and trying to stay positive.