As a teacher I use the skill of visualization.

Today as an athlete and a competitor I went to see a Sports Psychologist. We talked about my goals and I told her I think I have mental block on box jumps.

Then we went on to discuss my goals. My short term goal for paleo challenge is to lose 29 pounds. She had me visualize what I would feel like, be wearing, how I would look, where I’d be, and what I’d be smelling. Yes, I said smelling. When you can truly picture all these things and grasp the visualization in your brain, then yes you can actually smell the coffee or flowers.

Coming back to box jumps. Research shows a basketball player who uses visualization and practice is more likely to succeed than just the player that practices. So, the assignment is to visualize myself doing the box jumps, how do I feel and look.

Now, I have some fears…that I need to figure out what’s behind them. Is it the fear of failure…the fear of getting injured (ankle reconstructive surgery in June 2012), is a pride thing?! That’s what I need to work through. As a middle schooler, I was my heaviest. Students would bark at me, throw dog food at me, and even my family called me names; like thunder thighs.

Today, I take a stand and take control of my deepest fears and learn how to face them a day at a time.

Positive thinking is positive believing!


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