I Did It!!


So, visualization has been working for me. Whatever I practice visualizing I usually end up dreaming about that night. Last night I dreamed about jumping on a big box, RX.

So today for the WOD had double-unders. I’m terrible at jumping rope! I wanted to see if I could work on my box jumps. One of the coaches wanted me to get two 45# plates, but I just got one. Guess what..I can jump on it with no problem! To the seasoned cross fitter that’s an expert at box jumps, this probably sounds like no problem, piece of cake. For me, who has been doing step-ups for years…this was a big challenge, and a big step towards my goal. So…I’m okay..now to work on adding more and conquering more challenges!

Sidebar: If someone tells you Paleo doesn’t work, it’s a pain–DON’T LISTEN!! Paleo eating is easy and effective! In 2.5 weeks I’m down 9.6 pounds!!

Stay strong and believe in yourself!!


Published by Julie Kristine

My experience, struggles, strength, a full transparency of me.

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