As much as I love sleeping in, I love a peaceful morning too. This morning I got up early to take a friend to the airport. Now I have an hour and a half to relax with nothing on the agenda. So, I sit in McDonalds eating a paleo breakfast listening to elevator music. Sometimes it helps to just sit and relax.

Transformation make-over is the stage all the Biggest Loser contestants want to get to. I swore I was going to wait till the end of the Paleo challenge to get my hair done, but I’m rewarding myself!! I’m down 10.6 pounds in under three weeks. Minus the bug I’ve been fighting off, I feel good! I feel like each 5 pound increment I’m down, the more I get my confidence back.

Take some time today to sit and just be still. Reflect on your goals and visualize yourself achieving those goals. A step at a time, a day at a can do this!



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