Advocate…what does it mean? If you ask, they say a synomen is “champion”. Strong words when you speak of yourself or others say so much about a person and who he or she is. To me when I tell my Third Graders to be an advocate for themselves, I want them to go above and beyond to get what they need.

Daily I feel like I have to advocate for myself in one way or another. Lately it has been with my coaching I have or haven’t been receiving. I am so inspired this time by the Biggest Loser and how Bob, Jillian, and D are teaching the contestants to advocate for themselves. Sometimes you have to put your neck out there and go above and beyond when you are trying to get what is best for you. I always pray that they person that I am going up against will find someway to see favor on me and see that I am trying to do what is best for me.

During my challenge it has been a little tricky. I really want that push and drive and someone who will break me, but make me stronger in the end. Even though I haven’t gotten that push and drive from my coach, I am blessed with other coaches that have that awesome ability to push me through each workout. I have had to coach myself along the way…which in some ways makes me stronger. On the days when I’m down on myself though it makes me want to give up the fight.

An awesome example was a week ago Monday, I went in the afternoon just like I always do those days. The challenge was to do a four-minute tabata of rowing. That means that we rowed 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest…one of the coaches got in my face and pushed me the whole way. I was able to get to the goal of 800 meters and didn’t have to run the penalty! That’s what I want every day, I thrive on that style coaching.

Take it from me…if you really want something so badly for yourself then you have to put you first and become your own advocate! You can do it and in the end, it will make you stronger.


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