In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. -Bill Cosby


Fears have a way of messing things up in my life. I have always had the fear that I am not good enough or not doing something well enough, this fear comes from past relationships. I was always compared to someone and asked why I couldn’t be like that person. Lately I have been letting my fears of success get in the way of my actual success. Fear is a crazy thing, you can be the most positive and motivated person but somehow and someway that fear just creeps back up into your life.

Sometimes I sit and wonder why am I afraid to change and get better? Why do I let the worst of me get the best of me? How do I overcome these fears or better yet how do I make them go away? All good questions, but I really have no answer. I know not writing for awhile has allowed the fears to creep back into my life. Accountability is key in any circumstance and this is when I need the accountability more than ever. But, I know I have a part in the accountability…how do you know I need it if I don’t let you know, right?!

What are you fears? How do you get over your fears?



Published by Julie Kristine

My experience, struggles, strength, a full transparency of me.

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