In the last 60 days I have learned that it doesn’t matter what your DNA is or how your look in your Lululemon pants that make you successful at crossfit and help you improve, it is desire! I’ve learned in order to get better at the things in crossfit you want to get better at is living a healthy lifestyle and working hard. There are no short cuts, missed reps which are the secret-it’s just plain old hard work.

Before I knew I could succeed I had to turn over my mental state and put forth a more positive outlook. My coaches believed in me and others I workout with, but I had to believe in me. I had to put all the negativity I got from others, including family and make everything positive. In these past 60 days, even though I have had failures, I have also had successes which has allowed myself to believe in me.

Moving forward past the paleo challenge these are the things I am going to work on:

  • Technical movements that require coordination outside of workout time: When my heel/ankle are ready I will master box jumps, I want to work on lifting heavier weights and mastering double unders.
  • Increasing my flexibility: taking the extra time to stretch after WOD’s and perhaps trying a yoga class once a week.
  • Continue to be consistent: working out 4-6 times a week.
  • Recovery:  post WOD drinks, extra sleep..I have learned this is key to my healing and getting stronger

This challenge wasn’t meant to be a short burst, this is my year-long and life long goal to be able to continue getting stronger. I am not sure how much weight I am going to be able to lose, what is important is getting healthy and strong.

So, this week in the box we are completing our post-paleo workout challenges. I am so excited with my changes!! I improved my times by 7:32 on Jackie, improved my baseline by 1:13, increased my push-ups by 22, increased my pull-ups by 15! I am so blessed to have amazing coaches that challenge me even when I don’t want to be challenged!

If I can do it, you can too!


Published by Julie Kristine

My experience, struggles, strength, a full transparency of me.

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