Trust Myself

Trust the process-eat clean, trust yourself, make good choices, be patient with yourself, work hard. 


It is so hard to trust yourself sometimes when it comes to making good choices. We naturally expect others to trust us but it is so hard sometimes to trust ourselves. I have been better about eating clean lately. After the paleo challenge I had a week of not so much clean eating, but I see and feel the difference it makes so it is worth it. Being able to have a cheat meal at the end of the week is something that has allowed me this week to continue eating clean. This week I want to get back on track with paleo. I know for me and for the changes I want to happen I need to make this a lifestyle change. I know my body too, in order to lose weight I need to be strict.


So I have been doing crossfit off and on for three years. This was the first year I have ever even thought of signing up for the Crossfit Open. I know I am not going to break any records, but I am going to challenge myself along the way and break goals I set for myself. Saturday I was feeling slothful and fighting off a cold or something so I didn’t go. Then I found out I still had until late this afternoon to complete the first workout. I didn’t go with a great mindset, but I got my jam on in the car and set on my way. When I got to my box I went to the board to see all the times. I knew I didn’t want to be the lowest score on the board. So I looked over the reps and found that a girl did 90. So, I got warmed up and set my goal at 90. Burpees are my downfall and having to jump up and touch a bar 6″ above my head….I wasn’t looking forward to this.

Thanks to great coaching and keeping a positive mindset I was able to just keep pushing my way through to my goal. I had to trust myself and work hard to make my goal today. You know what…I beat my goal! I am pretty darn happy with myself, had I pushed a little more and rested less I think I could have exceeded my goal. But, I am further ahead than the guy or gal that didn’t register and try.

Each day is a new day…remember to trust yourself because you are your number one fan!


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