Change is good


I have always had a passion for helping others, this month my passion was rebuilt through a tremendous opportunity. If you ask people who likes change I would say about 70% of the room would raise their hands. Sometimes change is forced upon you, sometimes it comes your way out of an unexpected circumstance, and sometimes it comes your way just when you need it!

Change for me came for a time when my career as a teacher was just not going how I really planned it to go. I was burnt out, tired of working endless hours with no appreciation for what was being done. I knew at the end of the school-year I didn’t want to go back to it, but like I said sometimes change comes just when we need it the most. The long and short of it all is I was hired to work for a local magazine doing writing and editing. Within two days, they said that I had way more skills than that and I was promoted to Director of Communications. It was a change that God definitely had a hand in. I jumped in feet first knowing that I had the faith to allow everything to work out.

Needless to say it has been a whirlwind of a month! Somehow before my last post and today, I fell off the paleo journey quite a bit. I was able to maintain the weight I had lost from stress. Not sure if I wrote about that in my last post. I lost 25 pounds in 18 days, not the best way to lost weight. But, I am thankful I was able to maintain the loss at the same time and knew I needed to get back to paleo.


I knew I needed to get back on paleo because I was starting to eat terribly. I’m thankful to have a coach and friend who I have been able to turn to for most of my paleo help. I have read some books and different articles, but I am a verbal and hands on learner. Reading it in a book, just don’t work the same in my thinking as hearing someone say it for give me advice. Texting is great, but not when you’re trying to process this whole paleo thing and I knew I needed to hear it. After talking to him I was able to get some very good tips and ideas on what I should be eating. Although, I still have had to get creative and I am still in need of his help with figuring out minor food challenges. But, I feel so blessed to have him as a friend to be able to help me through this paleo journey.


For all you paleo followers, here is the best tip I learned thus far: with every meal you need to eat a protein, low glycemic carbohydrate and a healthy fat. At first I was stumped on how to include all three of these in one meal. Then, I started thinking of different food combinations and picking his brain. I’ve gotta say the best breakfast I have had so far is a Portobello mushroom, over easy egg in the middle, prosciutto, and a dash of coconut oil and oregano. Yum! I will post a picture and recipe soon.

If you ask my friends that really know me what the change is that makes me a completely different person, they will definitely tell you the change in careers for me is one that is perfect for me! I love it! So, I will try to keep you updated on my paleo journey as I get back on track through this new and exciting change in my life. As for crossfit, don’t ask….LOL! I can only get back on track with one thing at a time! That will come sooner or later.

A positive thought for the night:




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