New Me…

1c0158f36b2d24ad2e15d46ce905c364The alarm went off at 0440 this morning and part of the old me said ah-sleep in and go later, so I laid in bed till the second alarm at 0500 went off. New me said get your ass out of bed, get dressed, walk the dog and head to the WOD. After having a rest week I knew it was going to take everything I had in me to push through the workout. I enjoy seeing friends blogs on their workouts so as I transition into the next phase of the new me I am going to do my best to blog my WOD’s each day. Some days it may be as simple as a quote of encouragement and the WOD and other days I may post more.

Today’s WOD:

A: Back Squat @ 60% 1RM; 10 sets of 3 @ 20X1; rest 60 sec b/t sets. (60 pounds)

B: Wtd. Wide Grip Chin ups @ 21X0; 3-4 rest 2 min X 3. (tan and blue band)
for time:
Run 800 m- I did 650row at 3:00
rest 2 min
for time:
60 DU’s, 60 single jumps, which the other sets I modified down to 30
25  Pull ups, I did 20 here and then the other sets I modified down to 15 jumping pull ups
60 DU’s (30 singles)
25  pull ups (15)
60 DU’s (30 singles)
25  pull ups (15)
60 DU’s (30 singles)
rest 2 min (oops, I forgot to do this!)
for time:
Run 800 m Row 650 meters 3:21
Coaches Notes:
work on concentric (standing) speed for Back Squat
“wide” means wider than you normally do, THROAT TO BAR!
Run work – try to make the 800′s the same each time, PERFECT reps on pull ups
About half-way through today I was seeing black stars and feeling like I was going to pass out. I took deep breaths and then pushed through. This is where my determination and perseverance really kicked in. Old me would have just quit, but the new me knew that it wasn’t how much time it took, it was that I pushed through and I finished. c09d6dde9e0f66a4c358bdfe8aaeb11c



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