554626_314779175265318_2052595007_nMentally preparing myself is half the battle. Some nights when I look at the WOD’s the old me used to say no way, to hard not doing it. As I learn to conquer the mental game of CrossFit I learn to see those hard workouts as challenges.

Don’t take me wrong there are some days that I say heck no and stay in bed. But, those are also the days I make it a point to do some sort of other workout, whether it be spinning, walking, or going for a swim. Each day I find I have to do something in order to feel good-those endorphins are addicting.

Two weeks ago my shoulder really hurt after I did a 1 rep max push press of 100 pounds. While vacationing up north at home, I found out after visiting a chiropractor friend that my shoulder had been partially dislocated for the last week. So, today’s WOD I knew I had a baby my shoulder a little bit to protect it.


A: AMRAP  Unbroken Push Ups; rest 5 minutes X 3. Full Depth required here. Touch your chest to the floor and achieve full lock out of your arms at the top.

1st set: 15

2nd set: 13

3rd set: 13

all from knees

B: Strict Press Cluster @ 12X2; 2.2.2; rest 10 seconds b/t reps and rest 3 minutes b/t sets X 3.

The first set I did just the bar -35#

2nd set: 40#

3rd set: 45#


Row 1K

rest 1:1 X 3

Row 1: 4:34

Row 2: 4:45

Row 3: 4:59



Be a better you today!




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