Goals and PRs!



If you’re a gal you’ll know the movie this quote comes from; “Work it, own it”.

Work your goal and own your goal! It the beginning of the month and it is time to set a big goal to work towards. At the beginning of the year I went to some workshops at a local CrossFit box and the sports psychologists talked about goal setting and how important it was to all things. I haven’t been doing that lately, because I switched boxes and got out of the habit. Setting a goal for a workout made the challenging workout more attainable.

Goals aren’t just for WOD’s, they are for everyday life. Each week I have a goal of bringing in at least one new contract for work to increase my commission. I have goals for my side job too-perhaps only working two nights a week and not 4, being more effective.

Today set a goal for the month!

Today’s WOD:

A: Dead Lift- build to a heavy single in 10 minutes or less. I worked with my friend today whose PR is heavier than mine so I could push harder. I got a PR today-225#!! I increased my Dead Lift by 10 pounds in less than a month.

B: With 80% of A, EMOM for 5 minutes do 3 perfect reps. If form goes, decrease the weight. Our 80% we did 175 pounds. By minute 3, I was only doing 2 perfect instead of 3. I think I need to work on my breathing. I hold my breath when I lift the weight and it makes me light-headed.


4 sets:

Russian Swing heavy x 10-15 I did an average of 13 swings at 35#, I probably could have gone a little heavier but, I was sucking air by the time this part came.

15 Sit Ups, I did 10
25 DU’s AFAP, I did 50 singles.
rest 2 min active
944d1bb3837a588660660f5b5e28bd21Be great today!!

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