Training my body and soul


Commitment is key to any training or goal. While watching the CrossFit games, I decided I want to up my game-get better. Sometimes despite doing all the right things we still need that extra session or extra push. I am so excited about stepping up and making a commitment to my journey through the use of one-to-one training sessions. When I spoke with my coach which I will be doing my extra training sessions with he had me give my top 3 goals and my level of commitment to see those goals to the end no matter what.


1- Get solid all over-no more jiggly. 

2- Master CrossFit skills I have been stuck on-box jumps, handstands, pull-ups w/o bands.

3-Master Paleo cooking on my own. 

I am committed 110% to these goals and seeing them to full completion! I want to be the person I was a long time ago, but with muscles. =o)

Part of my training will be mental as well. As you know from my previous posts, CrossFit is a mental game as well. I used to be really good at sharing my thoughts and feelings and letting people in, but I have had a lot of hurts over the years which I’ve gotten really good at putting up barriers and walls. I will show you the me I think you want me to be all while most likely broken on the inside or not being able to really say how I’m feeling.

Sometimes I’ll share the struggles with you here and other times I won’t. I know we all have hurts and struggles, but I believe mine have somewhat kept me from fully trusting and fully being able to give my all. I know my greatest loss will be my greatest gain one day, I also know that even as some of the memories fade away that he will always be in my heart and watching over me.

I’ve learned to use positive affirmations to keep me stronger and feeling better. Thinking back to one of my favorite memories was when Kev used to get me to do CrossFit type workout. Being in the Marines they were always doing crazy hard workouts, but one of my favorites was the running and squats workout. Back then I was thinner and could run quite a distance, but running up hills and doing squats and push-ups made it exciting I guess, probably the company was the best motivation ever.

To be in the Marine Corps takes extraordinary discipline, strength, resolve, and sense of purpose. I know as I enter into my training it will take the same journey.

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