Sweat, Smile, & Repeat



I’ve always sweated a lot. Ever since starting CrossFit I can be dressed to the nine’s and then get toasty because it is Florida and I will go into crossfit sweat mode. From what I have read, to sweat a lot means you are healthy-but my downfall is drinking enough water to replace all the sweat.

This morning was sort of an active recovery workout day, but really I would have rather had a structured workout. We had a list of the following:

Box Jump (no more than 10 consecutive jumps)


Strict Pull Up

Push Up

Bear Crawl

Air Squat

KB Wind Mill

Walking Lunge

Burpee (no more than 3 at a time)

It was like recess at the box, we got to play for 30 minutes doing the following. At first I was like a lost sheep and didn’t know what to do first. Structure–I crave it!

I started with the the KB Wind Mill, but quickly found that something about that movement and my shoulders didn’t get along. I went from a 15KB to the baby blue bell to none. On my right side I was unable to do the movement without rotating my shoulder in, which was painful. My left shoulder I was able to do more easily.

Through the rest of the time I just tried to keep moving doing about 6 reps per station, minus burpees. I hate those things. I think I need to eat something with some sugar in it before I workout, I am finding more often that when I push myself hard I get really light-headed. I have been increasing my water throughout the day, so I am going to try to be really conscious about journaling my food.

Pull-ups have always been a struggle for me because my upper body strength isn’t as good as my lower body. I was able to do one strict pull-up using the green band and two skinny red bands. Then I did a few negatives and then one more strict pull-up-well maybe not so strict because I had to do a little kipping to get up there. My workout buddy goes to the 0530 class and she had me try to do a pull-up on just the green, but I am about 5 inches from getting my chin to the bar.

One of the cool things our coach does for us, is he sometimes posts articles or video’s with the workout. Today he posted a great one on breakfast-something that I struggle with because I am usually to lazy to cook in the morning. Check this post out per Coach Anthony:  8-7-13, breakfast. Then you have to check out the article-nuts and meat, Meat and Nut Breakfast.

I am a Pintrest quote lover! I know through this whole journey I need to promise myself to be focus, to think only of the best, and so on. I found the perfect quote that I am going to print and hang in my bathroom and around the house. Be great today in all you do!



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One thought on “Sweat, Smile, & Repeat

  1. I love eating meat for breakfast! This morning I pulled some Pulled Pork out of the fridge (I cooked up about 4 lbs of it on Sunday) and added some carrots and shredded coconut, and then made scrambled eggs out of it! What do I want my protein with? More protein!!


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