It is a fact that your confidence is the greatest and most powerful accessory you can wear. But, as a female I know I can look amazing, but have no confidence in myself what so ever. Does confidence come from the outfit you wear or it does it come from the people or situation you are surrounding yourself with.

Lately I have found more and more confidence in myself from the people I surround myself with. It is amazing when I realize that I have some great friends around me, they are kind and bring out the best in me. The last week I have really found peace and confidence from the people I have been surrounding myself with. Being one who always has walls up, I often find myself only saying what I need to say or only letting people in a little bit and not allowing them to see the real me. Times are a changing baby! In the last week I have found myself being more willing to be open about who Julie is and what makes me an amazing person.

Besides people I surround myself with I believe my confidence gets more amazing as I lose more weight and gain more muscle and strength through CrossFit. I know the eCard picture is what you’re thinking…Rottenecards_14584562_qtftmr6b6v

This isn’t the exact card I was looking for. There is a funny one that says, “We can’t talk unless you CrossFit.” The sport teaches so many skills that go beyond the box and your fitness abilities. For me it gives me to the motivation to keep going no matter how hard the task at hand is. Goals-visualization-endurance-the I can do it attitude. So much! Besides changing the way I look, I truly believe CrossFit has changed me from the inside out. There is nothing comparable, don’t be fooled by gyms that say they offer “crossfit”. Go to a box, check out affiliate site to see if it is truly a crossfit certified facility. Sorry–I am passionate about that stuff! One day one of my goals is to have my Level 1 Crossfit certification and my Crossfit Kids certification-kids need Crossfit too!

Back to the topic at hand, confidence! =o) This week I had an opportunity to model a plus size collection, Queen Grace at an informal fashion show part of Florida Fashion Week and Love that Dress. The perfect dress will make your feel like a Queen on any given day! I had the great opportunity to wear this amazing dress line for gals size 12 and up. I have never felt so wonderful and beautiful and confident in a dress as I did that night. It is so neat to hear that dress looks radiant on your because of your curves and your confidence wearing it!

Confidence comes in all arenas of life and by all circumstances. I was asked to compete in a modeling beauty pageant, I hope my confidence shines in that arena as brightly as it did modeling the dresses. I know starting my one-on-one CrossFit coaching is helping to build my confidence through breaking down barriers physically and mentally that have prohibited me from moving on. Below is the picture Queen Grace Collections posted on their Instagram.



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