My own biggest fan


I am my own biggest fan and my own cheerleader! This morning I fully grasped that it is not a competition with the other members of my class, it is a competition with myself. Sure, of course I want to beat or come close to the strongest people in my WOD-that’s just added motivation.

When I walked into the box this morning and looked at the WOD wall, heck yes it was intimidating. Then seeing the warm-up, I thought I’m outta here. I thought of all the positive quotes and notes I read and I thought of one to help me through and that is, “I am stronger than yesterday and I believe in me enough to do this.”

Today’s WOD:

A: Press @ 10X2; 3-4; rest 2 minutes X 4

I did the 45# bar for all 4 sets. I heard the directions wrong or misunderstood, because I did 10 presses the first and second set. Then the 3rd and 4th set I only was able to get 5 presses in. The tempo thing still messes me up each time. Usually I watch one of the guys to get the tempo, but this time I used the rack facing the wall. No wonder I was tired by the pull-ups.

B: Wtd. Pull Up X 3-5; rest 2 minutes X 3

Our coach suggested that the ladies do negatives. Okay, I have shoulder issues and a weak core. I tried really hard to do negatives, but each time I wasn’t really able to hold myself up there and when my body went rushing to the full locked out position, it felt like my shoulder dislocated each time. So, after 4 times of doing that I said no mas,  I did strict pull-ups for the other two sets.


3 Sets:

AMRAP Unbroken Pull Ups in 30 seconds

rest 10 seconds

AMRAP Wall Balls in 60 seconds

rest 20 seconds

AMRAP Double Unders in 90 seconds (I did singles)

rest walk actively 3-4 minutes

Set 1-65 reps

For my active recovery, I just walked around and got some water.

Set 2-106 reps

My active recovery, I actually–can’t believe I am saying this I got on the A/D and rode for about a minute. Which actually helped keep me warm and I was able to control my breathing.

Set 3: 132

About a minute into my jump ropes I wanted to just stop, but I could hear that voice inside me pushing me to go just 30 more seconds. When I hit 106 at the one minute mark I knew I could go further. I probably looked really silly, because I had a big cheesy grin on my face when I got past 115. I knew for me, I was my biggest competitor at that moment and I was able to push through to get 132!

No active rest after that, I had a lay down on the floor and gasp for air-but did that feel good. As much as I desire to be told good job, you’ve got this, keep working hard-today I was my own cheerleader and was able to silently encourage myself as I made it through the workout.

As I figure out my eating and track my food intake, it is starting to make more sense to me. On days that I don’t workout, I am not as hungry and can forage through the day on my protein, water, and not a lot of snacking between meals. I worked out this morning and since then I have had two bottles of water, a large bowl of bacon stir fry, a pork chop from last nights dinner, and my last piece of paleo crunch.

Be amazing today and be your own biggest cheerleader in all that you do!



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