Two is better than one



Two are defiantly better than one! Teamwork is the best WOD you can have and I got to do a team training with my partner in crime. I would have to say the picture at the top really described me today. I was sore and tired from yesterdays workout and it couldn’t have been much hotter in the box today.

Some days your body will yell and scream at you that you can’t do it and today was one of those days. Having a partner who is depending on you and pushing you through is just what I needed. I run like a turtle and I almost couldn’t keep up today, I was seeing stars and feeling like I was going to puke. Each run and the whole workout she pushed me and I pushed her too and together we accomplished big things.


750m light row and then some stretching

Part 1:

While switching on the rower:

P1- row 250m

P2- anchored sit ups

Total sit-ups counted towards burpees or no burpees

40-50= 15 burpees each

50-70= 10 burpees each

80-90= 5 burpees each

90+= No Burpees

My partner went first on the rower and cranked out as many sit-ups as I could, and then we switched when she got to 250. After two rounds, we kicked the burpees out of the box!



WHO KNOWS MR. OWL–we got a no burpee penalty! Wahoo!!

Part 2 of our training today: 3 RFT (For Time) (Not sure what the final time was…)

Run 200m 

16′ beam walk

20 air squat alternating

30 ring rows split

16′ beam walk

So running has always been something that I have struggled with especially since I had screws put in my ankle. I also think that with time and training it is something I could improve with some extra instruction and when the weather is cooler-lol! This is the part I really had the hardest time on and had to lean on my partner for support and encouragement-which she rocked!

Coming back into the beam, it is easier said then done. If you have great balance, then you’ve got it in the bag. For me the beam took concentration but it was also a great way to catch my breathe, almost like a little bit of active recovery. From there we moved onto the air squats which were alternating which kind of looked like a teeter-totter. From the squats we used our communication to decide how we were going to break down the ring rows, we did sets of 5 and went back and fourth. A quick walk on the plank (beam) and then out the door.

During the middle part of part 2 I found myself having a harder time controlling my breathing on the runs and partner 2 was running beside me and was able to give me some good tips I hadn’t heard before. She said to keep your body looser up top and not so tight that she finds it easier to breath. I know for me one thing that gets me winded is my breathing patterns are off. I tend to hold me breath as I am doing intense workouts, I know I need to work on that too.

Be great and remember it’s all about making a better you and sometimes two are better than one!





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