It’s all about your attitude


“I’d rather live a life of ‘oh wells’ than a life of ‘what ifs.”


It is so easy for me, I don’t know about you to hang signs of positivity and encouragement around the house and on social media. What I am learning about those signs is they don’t really matter unless you truly embrace the essence of what they means and how to relate them to your life. I am learning each day to really take each sign to heart and really feel with my whole heart and inner being what the positive phrase it and how I can truly use it to my benefit.

At one point in my life I was a very strong woman, when my man was deployed for special missions I had to live the motto that no news was good news. Not ever knowing where he was going, how long he’d be gone, or when/if he’d return. Through hardships and battles I have become weaker-but, each day I am becoming that stronger woman I used to be about 10 years ago. CrossFit is more than just a battle of what you can do with great strength, it is also a battle of the mind. Paleo has become a battle of the mind as well for me. Both aspects of fitness and health take on more than a physical and emotional training they take mental training too. I’m telling you time and time again–visualization is key, when you forget about it for awhile and then restart-it changes your whole outlook.

This week I decided to do morning workouts. I’d rather be in the box in the morning when it is nice and cool, then croaking and pushing through at the end of the day or at the heat of the day here in SW Florida. It was an ass kicker workout today-but, I know my pain today will not hurt as much tomorrow.


A1: Press 6-8 times, rest 20 seconds (55#)

A2: DB Bent over row 8-10 times, rest 1 minute

A1 + A2 = 4 rounds

In A1, A2, you do the first one and then you do the second one. Press is challenging for me because I am not as strong in my upper body as I am my legs. On the press I found myself swaying my back and nudging my hips forward a little bit to go the weight up there. On the row I did 1 set with 15 DBs and then ended up doing 25# DBs by the last set.

B: DB reverse alternating lunges x 12-14 times, 90 sec rest 3 rounds

On these I started out doing a weight of 10# DBs and then did 2 sets with the 15# DBS. The first two sets I was able to get 14 lunges and then the last set I was only able to get to 12. The first round I went almost too fast and think I burned my legs a little bit.

3 Rounds For Time 

12 Push press, 45#

8 anchored sit-ups

I am not sure what my time was here, the push presses were really hard. The first set I was able to go unbroken and then the next two sets I had to break the push presses up. The last set was the hardest.

3 minute rest

3 Rounds For Time

7 dead lifts @85#

6 step ups, 20 inch box

My usually weight for 1-3 rep max for dead lifts is 225#, but by the end of the workout 85#s seemed a little on the heavy side. Then the step ups really messed me up, so I went up and down with the same foot. We are such creatures of habit for the way we do things and at one point, Coach Anthony had to hold my foot so I did it right. I can’t think when I am tired, exhausted, and have had to coffee! =)

I’m learning each day how to work through the pain of sore muscles. What keeps me motivated is seeing my progress and how much weight I can lift, positive comments from readers of this blog and friends who read it, and then seeing people I haven’t seen in awhile and telling me how strong I look. I love that!



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