Row, row, row your rower….



“I hated every moment of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit.’ Suffer now and live the rest of your life a champion.” -Muhummad Ali

Who doesn’t get to the box or the gym and look at it and then give your coach the evil look. Oh yeah, you can tell a lot by looking my eyes-I’ve been known to give nasty evil looks at the 0530 class when going over the WOD. But, I have come to learn that it is only going to suck for a little bit and then the next time it will hurt less and I get faster and stronger from it.

This last Saturday’s open WOD was the perfect example of me doing something I stink at in order to get better, wall balls. In high school and a year of college I played Volleyball–somehow I can not get the arc on the darn wall ball. I still have the tendency to set the wall ball like someone is going to hit, but I am often the person who gets hit in the face with the ball. Oh wall balls…its such a love, hate relationship. I read an article recently that stated the 10 most difficult CrossFit moves and you guessed it wall balls is on there! Here’s the link: 10 Toughest CrossFit Moves.


Last week I did a cardio row where I did 30 seconds at 85% and 30 seconds at 50% for 10 minutes. Today for the WOD we did 97% for one minute. Each time we had a 5 minute break in between sets. In between sets 3 and 4 we got a 10 minute break. Some people rowed for meters and some did watts. Watts is the amount of power you use when pulling. The Austin Rowing Club Blog explains it much better: What’s Watts.

My rows for 97% effort for 1 minute x 6:

1- 207 watts, average 244 watts

2- 208 watts, average 244 watts

3- 175 watts, average 211 watts

In my my 10 minute break I did some stretching and then kept my legs warm by hoping on the a/d.

4- 186 watts, average 210

5- 174 watts, average 196

6-208 watts, average 221

Total watts rowed:1, 158

Average or average watts rowed: 221 watts


It was great to have a friend and training partner there to encourage each other to keep pushing on. She blew the fish out of the water. I don’t feel like I pulled as hard as I could as I was protecting my sore shoulder. But, no doubt I worked hard and next time I will be stronger because of it!

So, my paleo is going okay although I have had moments of weakness lately. Instead of calling them cheat meals my coach has gotten me to think of just not great choices. I have learned from several other coaches not to reward myself with food-I am not a dog. So, today I rewarded my hard work with two new cute CrossFit tanks. I can’t wait to wear them at the Summer Crush games this weekend!!

Cheers—here’s to get stronger each day!




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