Listen to your body



Through my more intense training I have learned to listen to my body more effectively. I know when it is sore, tired, or in pain then I need to adjust my eating, sleep, and WODs. Today was a prime example of listening to my body.

This morning for warm-up we did something fun and different. It’s called “Junk Yard Dog”.  It was really fun and something different to get our bodies warmed up and ready for the WOD today.


Part 1: 20 wall walks for time

This is a skill I haven’t mastered yet. So instead of starting on my belly I started on my hands and knees and then I went up to about 45 degrees and held it for 5-7 seconds each time. I felt some discomfort in my hips getting up there. But, I got through the 20 in about 5 minutes. I brought my angle down a little bit and then my hip didn’t seem to bug me as much.

Part 2: Row 250m at 95% effort, rest walk 4 minutes x 4

Row 1- :57

Row 2: :56

Row 3 1:00

Row 4 :56

My rowing times are improving greatly each week as I continue to get stronger. The 3rd row my time went up I really had to push through the soreness to get done. Between row 3 and row 4 I tried to get my mindset right and stretch out my shoulders and arms before the last row. On the last one I really wanted to make it my best and it took all I had to do the last one.

Part 3: 2K row for time

About the last week my shoulder has been bugging me. I went to a chiropractor and he thinks I have a strain in my ac joint. I did dislocate my clavicle in July and just thought I had been sleeping funny. The only bad thing about having a high tolerance for pain is that sometimes I don’t know when to stop.

So, by the end of part two my shoulder and my lower back were really sore. I asked my coach if I could bike instead of row and he said if you have to. I could have probably rowed slowly but then I may have pushed past my limit and been in bad shape for a few extra days. I did the a/d for 10 minutes and just biked with my legs and not my arms.



You know your own body and you know your own limits. There are going to be some days you will have to modify your WOD and that is okay. On the days you can push yourself and go “balls to the wall” then do it! Listen to your body and it will tell you what it needs, whether it is extra sleep, more protein, water, or just an extra rest day!


P.S This weekend I am super excited to go and watch the Summer Crush Games. My coaches and box mates will be competing in the games and it will be fun and inspirational to watch! Here’s the link so you can check it out and watch the standings from home. Go CrossFit Redline!!! Crush games updates


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