Learned from Crush Games 3



Crush Games 3 was the first time I had ever gone to a CrossFit competition! If you have never been to an event, you should go because it is such a learning experience. For me, I am a visual learner and a kinesthetic learner; which means I learn best by watching and doing. Observing athletes of all shapes and sizes coupled with amazing strength and ability was powerful.

One of my favorite skills in crossfit is rowing, I have always loved it. Especially since running isn’t my strength I found myself excelling in rowing from the time I started this great sport. Watching the gals and guys row I learned some new techniques. Most of the athletes I watched took one strong hard pull and then did a recovery pull. In addition most were pulling the handle up over their chests and closer to their shoulders. Then I saw some guys and gal letting the chain go between their legs almost having a frog leg position instead of going up and over the knees. I’m looking forward to trying some of these new techniques this week. I found a video that sort of shows some of the techniques I saw in rowing. 

Another skill I am not so skilled in is kipping. Seeing some of the shoulders on these gals was unbelievable! I will post some pictures after I get them edited. The most effective kipping movement I saw that as a swimmer I could relate to was similar to the kick stroke for the Butterfly. Where some people had legs out almost like bug legs, this movement looked really effective and seemed to give more power. It almost appeared the gals I was watching doing this type of kipping used more hip flexion to get their chin over the bar-if that makes sense. To me it just seemed to be more of a controlled movement instead of a flaying around. If you’re like me and need to learn kipping pull-ups here’s a phenomenal video that really breaks down the movement I observed this weekend: 

As I continue to digest and move through the photos I need to edit, I am sure more skills and things will come to mind. The sport of Crossfit isn’t just an amazing and challenging sport, but it is a community. I didn’t meet one person who wasn’t kind-everybody was so nice. It was awesome to see athlete’s cheering on other athletes after they had finished they had crossed the line, it is truly the heart of the crossfit community; from the arena to the box.

This is what’s it is all about! 

Lastly, congratulations to all the members of the CrossFit Redline on your accomplishments! It was truly rewarding to watch you! CrossFit Redline Check out this box if you are ready to be challenged and changed!




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