Pushing through the pain



I’ve been pushing through pain the last four to five days. I have a high pain tolerance level, but the pain I have been in the last several days has brought me to tears. I was ready to take off and hit the ground running this week with work and crossfit training, but my body slammed the breaks on that and it has been a humbling week so far. 

The long and short of it is a muscle that connects from between your T3 and T4 which gets so tight that it pinches your sciatic nerve which hence causes pain. It also can affect your IT band which runs down the outside of your leg. So, one thing I have learned through this is foam rolling is important and so is being really warm and stretched out before going head in. For the last few days lacrosse balls, bags or ice, and hot baths with epsom salt have become my best friends. 

Yesterday I decided to hit the box after doing some research about this tight muscle and do some skill work. After being at the Crush Games it really motivated me to do extra work on skills I still need to grasp. So I warmed up by rolling on a lacrosse ball and then did the a/d for 10 minutes. The skill I worked on yesterday was my kipping pull-ups. I have a the basis of the swing down I just need to get the “jumping over the fence” part of the movement down which will help me get to the bar. 

I knew I wanted to train with Coach Anthony today despite having pain off and on. For warm up, I rolled on the lacrosse ball, biked on the a/d, did stationary and moving lunges, and then did some stretching and pvc work. 


A1 DB walking lunges 10-12 steps, 20 sec rest. 

I did the first set at 20#’s and then did the other three sets with 25#s. I have a tendency to take short strides and lean forward which throws my whole center of gravity off and I lose balance. I know I will continue to see these for awhile because I need more strength in this area. 

A2 Anchored sit-ups 12-15, 30 seconds rest

These hurt my sore muscle/nerve but each time I pushed through them. The last set I got all 15. I probably need to be doing these or some sort of crunches each night to help improve my core. 

A3 DB Curl and Press 8-10, 90 seconds rest

The first set I did with 10 and then the rest of them I used 15#s. This was hard, because yes I did a curl and then pressed them both at the same time above my head and then like a barbels press tried to keep my shoulders down and pop my head through the window. Each time it got progressively harder and I found myself trying to use the momentum to keep then moving as well as a little push press action to get them over head. 




5 wall balls 14#

I’ve graduated!! No more 10# wall balls for me. I am learning to go from that setting a volleyball form for wall balls to brining my elbows in and using arm strength as I was pressing a bar. It really made a big difference for me today and my ball didn’t come down and hit me in the head or neck each time. I may actually learn to love wall balls. LOL!

5 cal row

Coach gave me a good technique to use, he said pull on the rower with short pulls to get it going and then do your hard pulls. To get to 5 calories it took me about 7-10 pulls. My legs were burning by this time and I just had to dig deep and forget about the pain. 

Suitcase carry 45#

I know what you’re thinking and no I didn’t carry a 45# suitcase. I actually picked up a 45# KB and carried it about 12 meters down trying to keep my shoulders straight. Then put it down and picked it up with the other hand and carried it back. By the third time picking it up I got a sharp stabbing pain in my back where my muscle/nerve hurt. I had to stop and walk around for a little bit. 

Coach looked at me and said you don’t have to go on, but I knew for me I did. I just needed to walk it off and then go a little slower on my pace. But, I finished and didn’t quit. I knew if I didn’t finish I would be mad at myself later. Although I am sitting on ice and a lacrosse ball, I am glad I did finish. I know I need to push through the pain and don’t allow it to be a mental block for me. 

This evening I did Yoga at the box to try to loosen everything up. My theory of ice and a lacrosse ball, but still moving will eventually make that area stop hurting. So excited to eat my bacon wrapped chicken for dinner. Check out 365daysofbacon.wordpress.com!

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5 thoughts on “Pushing through the pain

  1. You made a courageous decision and I hope you keep making it. It’s always easy to just give in. Keep up with the commitment and you’ll get there, thank you for stopping by my blog.


  2. Interesting approach, and GREAT post!
    By contrast, I almost never warm up or stretch for anything. The only time I have any kind of warm-up or stretch is when I am working out with other people, and it’s part of their routine. I take the “wild” approach: that every animal at all times is equipped with the capacity to perform at any time. Otherwise they won’t survive. And whether we like it or not (or whether we remember or not…), humans are animals too. Obviously, injuries happen. I hope yours gets better!!


    1. Thank you!

      I don’t know how you don’t warm up and then try to lift heavy lifts. Do you crossfit and not warm up?! Yikes!


      1. Nope, I don’t crossfit. Though I have done a careful look at my workouts, and many of my workout days end up looking a lot like a crossfit workout. I do at least 2-3 days per week with a workout of sprints, pushups, dead-hang pullups, leg-lifts, and the slam-ball (yes, I have 2 of my own). Sometimes I’ll pull out my heavy-bag, and use that for lifting and slamming too – though it’s unweildly enough that I usually leave it in the closet in favor of the easier-to-use slam balls.
        I also do long-run days, and heavy lifting days. Both of those look quite different from a normal crossfit WOD.
        My “wild” theory applies to all of my workouts, including my heavy lifting. When I hit the gym, I don’t do a “warmup set” of a bunch of reps at a lower weight; I go straight in to the workout.


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