Love Hate


Dear Wall Balls–I really love it when you smack me in my face! I have a love hate relationship with these guys. I love them because it allows me feel like I am throwing away my frustrations of the day, I hate them because they are heavy and make my butt and shoulders hurt. Plus for some reason I get so dizzy when I do them.

Today was one of those days I didn’t really want to go this afternoon. I could have stayed home and got some work done or just have been lazy. But, I overcame that devil in my mind and look my arse to the box. I knew looking at it today it was one of those workouts which would be better to plow through instead of take your time. The time to beat today was around 4 minutes.

Training: I did RX my wall balls today, 14#. =)

30 wall balls

10 pull ups- I started with the white band and the thin blue band.

20 wall balls

20 pull ups-I had to add the thin red band to my bands.

10 wall balls-thanks friend for the encouragement to push through during these.

30 pull ups

My time: 14:20

Like I said I have a love hate relationship with wall balls. But, everyday I get better at them and I know that in order to be the best I can be I just have to practice them more.




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