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The last two weeks I have been in a funk! Life is hard and it can be so freaking confusing from time to time; plus it is true that you really do find out who your true friends are when you are in a funk. They have been there for me, gave me great advice, and most importantly been that ear to listen and have carried me through my jumbled confusion.

This afternoon I started feeling clearer about what I want to do, what steps I need to take to get there, and where I want to be. As more comes to light, I will share but for know I need to continue having clarity and surrounding myself with goodness. On a sidebar note I took a good friend’s advice and created a personal FB and kept my old FB for my professional page. Sorry ADD is kicking in again! LOL! Clarity–yep I am getting it back and I am feeling more human again.

Tonight I got creative in the kitchen! I am not much a chef for the last few years on and off I have been using Paleo meal delivery from local chefs, but now my budget doesn’t allow for that so I’ve had to cook for myself. From time to time I use this amazing cookbook my coach lent me (which reminds me I need to replace-got coconut oil on a few pages). Sometimes I need to use what I’ve got in the fridge; today was one of those days.

For my side dish I made my favorite–I could eat this everyday; I will be eating everyday because I made enough for an Army. While you fry your bacon you boil the brussels spouts, after the bacon is cooked I remove the bacon and toss in shallots and purple onion into a little of the bacon grease. Once the sprouts are steamed, drain them and toss them into the pan with the bacon grease and onions. Top with bacon and left over bacon grease.




Main Course: Pineapple ham, just in time for the start of fall. I love fall, it is one of my most favorite seasons! ❤

******Don’t ask me for measurements, because I never measure anything! **********


-Fresh pineapple chunks

-yellow mustard

-tiny bit of minced garlic

-coconut palm sugar


350 Degrees for 20-30 minutes

Nitrate-free ham

Fresh pineapple


topped with raw pecans

coconut palm sugar





Dessert: Death by Chocolate paleo style


I make my own version of Steve’s Original Paleo Crunch, I add a kick to mine of nutmeg and ground cloves. I used this for the base, I also add cocoa powder to my crunch recipe. Then I added in Coconut Manna and Coconut Oil and blended it in my Ninja blender.

The moose:

5 avocado insides

cocoa powder

7-10 unsweetened pitted dates

raw honey

coconut oil

Blend till fluffy and place on top of base. Finally I topped it with raw pumpkin seeds. It is actually a little too sweet for me, but it will be a good chocolate treat that will a little while. I wish I had small glass containers to put it in, but the big one worked too. Bring a spoon!



Sometimes all you need is a few good friends, chocolate, and some me time to help get you through a funk. I am not saying I am all the way through this valley in my life but I do have more clarity and I know my gal pals will continue to be there by my side to see me through. So what do you do when you’re in a funk besides hit the box?!





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