Fun on the Farm WOD


Ranching and farming isn’t all fun, there is a lot of hard work that goes onto taking care of livestock. In my early 20’s I had the opportunity to work on a ranch and help care for cattle, horses, and pigs. I am very familiar with a shovel, wheel barrow, and carrying bales of hay; yet this WOD took all the ranching chores to a whole new level.

Today I worked on the “Fit Farm”. It almost sounds like it could be part of a Biggest Loser campus challenge. Having a creative and fun workout is always a nice break to the normal squats, lunges, weights. I was challenged in a new way and was able to push myself too.

Fit Farm 

20 reps virtual shoveling 55#

Usually when you shovel you’re not necessary lifting the shovel 20″ above the ground, if you’re good you can usually scoop, turn and throw it into the wheel barrow. Here I took the 55# barbel, weighted on one end and lifted the bar up and over the box. Touching the box at any point meant no rep; thank goodness I had none of those. Over and back was 1. After the 3rd round, each touch was counted signally for a total of 20.

Farmer Carry 35# KBs

50 meter carry each time. I like farmer carry and it was allowed me to be able to get 8 bags from the grocery store into the house in one trip!

Ball to shoulder, alternating 20#

The hardest part of this was being able to grasp the concept of keeping my arms straight at the bottom, maybe because I have long arms it made it awkward. Probably because I didn’t have coffee or Pre WOD before I went and I was still in zombie land.

Prowler push 100#

I felt like a little kid at Christmas doing these. I tried a test run and it was super light so my coach added on more weight. Looking back I might have been able to do more weight, next time. I did 50 meter pushes, I did run into a divots in the road which made it a little challenging. Overall I like the prowler and will look forward to future workouts with it!

Time: 20:22 4 rounds which included rest time

Extra work: 50 med ball (10#) weighted sit-ups, 50 sit-ups weighted w/o ball. I did 10 reps, rested :15 for all of them.

WOD 2 Today: Cardio Madness, 3 Rounds

On the :30 


I am proud of myself I am getting better at these, I can almost jump back instead of stepping back.


Alternating front lunges

Here I tried to be conscious of stepping back to neutral position which was feet shoulder distance apart. Note to self, do these on the rubber mats and not on the wood lifting surface-got a nice bruise.

1 leg step and taps 20″ box

Every done step aerobics?! I basically did a step up with one leg and then bounced with the leg on the floor and tapped the box. I switched legs every 4.

Rest 1 minute

1 minute single jumps 

I haven’t done single jumps in a while and I think I might be able to start learning doubles-another skill afternoon.

For 3 rounds I did 229 single jumps, 111 reps-you do the math! =)

Skill: Worked on the rings and doing almost knee’s to elbow. I am the closest I have ever been. I did 5 rounds of 3. I have a great friend who is able to help me with skills I need to work on. She encourages me, coaches me, and pushes me outside my brain to help me get those things I have struggled with.

I’ve been tracking my food through my fitness pal, I am not sure how to track crossfit workouts. Any ideas? Today I was asking one of the box members about Paleo in a Box and so I decided to do it! It is time I really learn how to get the results I want without having to depend on others to help.

The last few weeks I’ve been in a funk, but today I felt amazing! It is a journey and there will be ups and downs, but I know that what I get through will make me stronger and able to conquer more amazing things down the line!

Happy WOD’ing!



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