Step by step and day by day I push myself to greater lengths and I get stronger mentally and physically. I don’t know about you, but I used to hate reading the WOD’s the night before because I found myself not going out of fear that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish the workout that day. Recently I find myself reading the WODs and then setting goals for myself for the workout. Today though when I read the board I knew it was going to challenge and push me greater than in past workouts.

Training days I am not sure what the workout will be until I arrive, so I’ve got to learn to prepare myself mentally on my feet. To be honest, I looked at this workout and had a bad frame of mind from the start-I definitely did myself a disadvantage by letting my noggin get the best of me. A coach that used to be at the box I first started at used to yell at me and tell me I can do anything for 2 minutes or how ever long that workout piece I was struggling with. She used to tell me to speak positives words under my breath to myself. Thank you–I am finally figuring it out.

Ladder 5 rounds
:30 Walking lunges; Rest 30 seconds
:45 Anchored Sit-ups; Rest 45 seconds
1:00 Row Max Meters; 1:00 minute rest
:45 Max Rep KB Swings; Rest 45 seconds (35#)
:30 Max Rep Ring Rows ; Rest 30 seconds
Rounds breakdowns:
1- 66 reps, 244m row
2- 67 reps, 244m row
After round 2 I had to switch to Russian KB swings–my lower back is still bugging me a little bit when I swing the KB overhead.
3- 69 reps, 223m row
After round 3, I asked for a 2 minute break I was really hurting, but I wanted to do all 5 rounds just needed a little rest/water.
4-68 reps, 233m row
5- 67 reps, 220m row

Today was really hard, a small part of me wanted to quit and then the me that is getting stronger physically and mentally knew that even if my coach had to peel me off the floor when I was done I was going to finish. Some days you need that extra push and drive to get going and keep going. I knew asking for a 2 minute break I would be able to finish the full 5 rounds.

I’ve always had a little bit of competitiveness in me, probably because my dad used to make everything we did from board games to walking in the park a competition. I really want to compete in the box battle for the Crossfit local competition next weekend. So I asked my coach if he thought I would be able to do the scaled and he told me yes that everyone could do it. I know for me it will take more mental toughness than physically toughness. I know it is going to be hard and challenge me, but keeping my emotions and nerves under control will be a big drive too.

So I have basically 11 days before the Box Battle (–I am already a bundle of nerves and super excited at the same time. How do you mentally prepare yourself for this? Got some great tips to share?






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