Fight Gone Bad



This afternoon my coach gave me a list of these 5 movements. What is this? Um, “Filthy 50”-“nope that has 10 movements” stated my coach.  Okay, let me think–“It’s Fight Gone Bad”! Where did Fight Gone Bad (FGB) originate? Why is it considered a benchmark WOD? These are all questions I started pondering and asking. I also asked what is the original order?

After doing some research I found out on an article from the CrossFit Journal “Fight Gone Bad—famed mixed martial artist B.J. Penn named it.” A benchmark in the CrossFit community, was designed to match the metabolic demands of an organized MMA fight. Five minutes on, 1 minute off for 3-5 rounds. That sounds simple, but let me tell you it is nothing but simple; brutal is a much better word to describe this benchmark WOD. On Athletics Wikia you will discover this benchmark workout first appeared on December 2004. You can view the workout here: FGB demo & Explained. I couldn’t find anywhere what the original order of exercises in. Each blog and website I saw had the movements arranged in different orders.

My Fight Gone Bad Training:

Push Press (55#)
Box Jumps (step-ups-18″)
KBS (35#) substituted for Sumo dead lift high poles
Wall Ball (14#)
Row for Calories

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Score: 180

The last time I did this workout I had 137-this time I did 180! I couldn’t have done it without the outstanding coaching pushing me and pacing me through this challenging workout. If you want to be the best you can be, go to CrossFit Redline and contact Anthony DiSarro! Thanks Coach!



On a different note, how do you mentally prepare yourself for WODs or crossfit competitions? Please share!




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