Game Prep


Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

Last week I decided to sign up for the Box Battle crossfit competition. I knew for me if was the next step in my journey towards a greater goal. I also know that it is going to be a good test of my endurance and mental endurance as well. Someone once told me if you don’t step out there and try how do you know how you are going to do or what you need to do to improve. A family friend has a sports company with the a positive message: CRONS (come ready or never start), so I am prepared and ready to start this challenge this weekend.

Lucky for me my coach and trainer is the person who wrote the programming for this competition. When I asked him if I could do it, if I had the skills ready he said of course anyone can do it. I started doing 1:1 Crossfit training the week of August 5th. I had originally thought I would do one session a week, but after the first session I knew doing two sessions a week would really excel my goals and transition. Looking back at my WOD book I have had the perfect training to give me the endurance and strength to move into this next step. This weekend will mark the end of two months of training and it will be a good jumping to hit the ground running for my next goals.

This morning I learned some great ways to warm up for a competition when you don’t have access to all that great tools in the box. Each warm up should have three parts; general, dynamic, and specific to WOD. He gave me some real examples and then I had to create my own warm up as I will be doing both days Saturday/Sunday. The most valuable tip was to know your heat time so you can time your warm-up to be ready at about 5 minutes before heat time. I’m happy for each WOD I am in Heat 1 each time competing with some of the masters ladies.

Training: 20 minute running clock
5 ring rows
10 Hand Release Push-ups
15 Air Squats
Every 4 minutes a 250m row
Rounds: 6 + 5 rr, 5 HR P/U

Today was about getting game day ready and mentally and physically preparing myself for this weekend. Since the WODs have been released I will be able to write down my warm ups and prepare my game plans for each WOD. The last time I competed I did SUP racing two years ago and that arena and this arena are similar in the fact that they both take endurance and constant affirmations to get you to the finish line or the end. This will be a challenge for me this weekend, but I am ready to put my foot in the game and get after it!

If you live local come on out to Lover’s Key park and cheer myself and the other competitors on. The weather looks like it is going to be amazing. The one thing I am not looking forward to is the sand and having it everywhere. I’ve planned out enough outfits that I shouldn’t have to wear anything sandy for any of the WODs. I am hoping my compression pants will keep any unwanted sand out.


If you are looking for some fun beach WODs check out for the ones we will be doing this weekend. I will post my results—cheer in spirit!


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