The one thing I need to work on the most is pacing myself; I have to add that to my sign list to make. Yes, I am making myself little motivational signs to have in my bag to review before each WOD. Cheesy maybe, but each person has their own way of preparing for different things. Do what works best for you and forget what others might think.

Today for training I did a 12 minute AMRAP. I wanted to practice jumping over a paddleboard, so I created the width using abmats. I have this jumping fear, mental block-today I was able to jump over the abmats the first few rounds-then I had to one legged hop over the mats to do my burpees.

Training: 12 Minute AMRAP

10 air squats

12 KB swings @25#

5 burpee jump overs

Rounds: 7

Today was hard, I was tired and hungry and fasting for this workout didn’t really give me the energy to push through. I know Saturday when I do WOD 2, I will need to make sure all body areas I don’t want sand in are secured and sealed-LOL! Each day I feel like I can do something better and get stronger and more able to push through that mental barrier as well.


-Have an amazing day!



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