Mixed Model Aerobic Training and Mobility


What are your limits? Have you pushed yourself to them lately?

Yesterday I did Mixed Model Aerobic training for the last big push before Box Battle Competition. This was a series of 11 movements of which 9 of them I will be seeing this weekend at the event. This was a good reinforcement training on sustainability and pace which will be the two components I will have to keep in my head while I forge through the WODs.

TrainingAerobic = breathing, sustainability, no grunting, no pain, no rests. 50-65% for 30 minutes running clock. 
Movements: 3-5 reps
Step ups 18″ box
Wall Balls 14#HR
Push Ups
KBS 25#
Suitcase Carry 25#
Burpee Hop/Jump overs forward/laterally
Sit Ups
Walking Lunges
KB Snatch, alternating arms 25#

After 16:30 Coach Anthony started taking movements away; the last three movements that stayed were burpee jump overs, KBS, and Suitcase Carry. I was able to settle into my pace after the first few minutes. In the beginning I was going from step ups, sit ups, hr push ups, to burpees, then after I started to settle into my pace I was able to mix it up a little bit so I had some easier movements in between the harder movements. This was a fun way to end my preparation for the week.



Today I went in and warm up with about 7 minutes on the A/D. Then from there I went and did some hip mobility and shoulder mobility. Those are the two areas for me that seem to get the tightest and need the most extra stretching. I really enjoy doing the hip mobility with the bands. Here is a good example of two of the stretches I did today: .

Here is another goodie, enjoy! 

Fit Nation Box Battle is next—I’ll blog the results-follow me on Instagram for more up to date action, http://instagram.com/juls2007



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