Box Battle 2013


You don’t have to be great to start, you have to start to be great!

This weekend was my first Crossfit competition; it was physically challenging as well as mentally challenging. The sand was packed sand when the venue was originally sought out, but with all the rain and storms we had here in SWFL it made the sand quite a bit more challenging. The beach looked like mini moguls; which made the running portions of the WODs all the more exciting.


WOD 1: For Time: 15 minute time cap, 1600m run, 45 thrusters 30# sand bag. 

For this one you had to run down the mogully sand 800m and pick up a 30# or 25# sandbag, I chose the 30# bag. Then you had to pick it up and carry it back to the arena where you were to do 45 thrusters. Running isn’t my strong suit, I got back to the arena at the time of the clock stopping. I was given a 45 second penalty for not completing the thrusters. I was proud of myself though, I carried the sandbag all the way back without putting it down. For this WOD I finished in 8th place out of the group.

WOD 2: For Time: Wha’ Sup? 30 burpee jump overs, SUP paddle 200m

For some reason I was placed in the heat with the masters women and so this messed it all up. I told them I am supposed to do 30, but they insisted I do 20. Long and short of it I did 20 burpee jump overs and the paddle in 6:58. Knowing I didn’t do the right amount, really bugged me and so I talked to the person in charge and they added the average time of 10 burpees; which is 45 seconds is what they came up with. But, I still ended up in 5th out of 9 for this WOD.

Day 2: WOD 3: For Time: 2 rounds of 75m run and 75 KBS @20#s

This was a killer for the first WOD of the 2nd day. Basically you ran 45 yards came back and did 30 KBS, then you ran 30 yards and came back to do 45 KBS swings. Originally it was only one round, but they changed it to be two rounds. The first set of 75 I was able to do unbroken. The next sets I had to stop and take breaks. I finished this workout in 9:02 and in 7th place.

Final WOD 4: 3 Rounds for Max Reps: 1 min max reps squats, 1 min max reps strict hand release push ups, 1 min max reps KB snatches, 1 min rest x3

By the time this last WOD came around I was so exhausted and sore. It was brutally hot on Sunday and I was never really able to get my body cooled down from the first WOD because of the heat of the day. A tub of ice would have really helped-I was tempted to sit in a cooler to try to get my body temp down. The heat made me literally sick a few times during the day too; so the goal for this last WOD was to push hard and not puke (again) or pass out. I warmed up as much as I could for this one, but didn’t want to use the little strength and energy I had left. My goal was to get 180 reps in the 9 minutes of work that we had. I thought since it was scaled we would be able to do push ups from our knees-ha! I learned how to do push ups as best I could without “worming” them. I lost a lot of reps on the push-ups, plus my judge made me put down my KB each time instead of swapping arms below my knees. I was close to my goal when I finished with 174 reps and finished 7th.

Results: Saturday at the end of the day I was tied for 6th, but by WOD 4 I fell to 7th. I was really happy with the outcome of my first competition. I learned so much about myself as a competitor and had such an amazing experience. I had hoped to try to work my way up instead of down, but either way I feel like it was a success.

The box battle also gave me some clarity on some things I have been pondering. I am starting back to school this month to get my personal training certification, which will assist me in an internship opportunity working with at risk girls, training them with some assistance from Total Athletic Performance. The girls will be training to hike in Peru in June. I am so excited about the opportunity! This year has been challenging, but it looks like it is going to end with so many doors opening.

Next training goal-scaled Wodapooza in Miami January 17th-19th. Perfect way to celebrate my last year in my 30’s.



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