Leg Day


One of my friends who is a well-known CrossFit athlete, recently posted “The Secret”-I Promise myself creed on her blog. I have seen it before but, I never really read it and took it to heart. It is powerful and something we all should read and take to heart and put into practice. cb56ba505fbebd3de0d806cb6a1ea9c7

Today I had personal training with my CrossFit Coach, Anthony. Yesterday I ripped my calluses open so I asked to do legs; what was I thinking back to back leg days! While I was warming up I started to work on my box jumps; I truly am so scared of them and need to find ways to get over being afraid. Got any tips?


A: Barbell step-ups 5 each leg with 2 10# plates on a short box x 3
I warmed up with just the barbell in a back of the neck position and then weight was added to start. The first set I did 55#s, the second set 65#s, and the third set 70#s. This wasn’t a bounce back up movement. My right leg stayed on the box and I slowly shift the weight onto my foot as I used my glutes to get myself onto the box, tapping my left leg and then keeping each foot on the box while I worked to bring the other leg up. In between each set I was given a 30 second rest. 
B: 80% of 1 Rep Max Front Squat, For Time 20 reps 80#s.
In June of this year, my 1 rep max for front squats was 100#s. So Coach Anthony said he’d like to see me do the 20 reps in less than 6 minutes. He told me to figure out the plan I wanted to do, I figured I would get to about 10 and then go from there. I did 20 front squats in 2:06; looks like my 1 rep max has increased. 
C: Med Ball Gauntlet 
Roughly eight balls were lined up in varying weights, my job was to pick up the ball and chest pass it to coach and he tossed it back and then I raised it overhead and slammed it to the floor. Went from ball to ball quickly and then hopped on my friend Mr. A/D and peddled hard for a minute. We did this two times. 

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