Dirty 30 & Paleo in a Box



Dirty 30 was the WOD training it would have been more fun to put on mustaches and mullets, but we all had a pretty good time anyways. Friday I got to team up with a friend who also trains with my coach and do a fun WOD together. He has an amazing ability to come up with fun and creative WODs.

Training: Dirty 30 for Time
30 Cal Row
30 Wall Balls @ 14#
30 walking lunges
30 sit ups
30 meter walk carrying a 30# sand filled firehouse section locked out overhead
Together we did 30 medicine ball slams with a 30# ball
Time: 12:30

The cool thing for me on Friday was overcoming a fear. I was laying on the box floor starting at a pile of 35# plates. I kept telling myself I could jump those, at first I took off one of the 35 pound plates and I jumped up on them with my hands against the wall. I did it! I did it one more time. Then I put the plate on that I had originally taken off-I did it again!! So, I know I can jump on a box 12 inches high. Learning to believe in myself-I know my coach wouldn’t push me to do something if he didn’t know I couldn’t do it. Earlier in the week he tried to get me to jump, but I wasn’t ready I had tears in my eyes I was so scared. I did it on my own on Friday!

Paleo in a Box

Changing subjects—what do you use to teach you about paleo and how do you get yourself back on track?  One of box members did this 90 day challenge through Paleo in a Box and looks amazing! You probably think you know all you need to learn about Paleo in a box, but not true. I have learned so much more about food and the how and whys. Check it out! This is the system my friend and I that train occasionally together will be using to get back on track and hit big goals before the end of the year!




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