Monday Training


Getting back on track feels amazing after I had let myself slip into some old food habits. I am such an emotional eater, but I am learning to place workouts in place of food. I’ve been trying to drink more water when I am hungry or add some BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) to my drink and that will usually take care of the craving I have at that moment. Patience is a gift and sometimes I have it and sometimes it flies out the window. Day by day of this journey I am learning new ways to make the paleo lifestyle a better and easier way for me to embrace; after all it isn’t a diet it is a life changing way of life. 

To help make staying on track easier, I ordered some food from my friends Paleo food company: Pure Food Co. I also did some food prep by making egg bake cupcakes, hard boiled eggs, and turkey bacon burgers to toss on the grill pan. Prepping even though it can be a royal pain, it truly is the best way to stay on target with your eating and to set yourself up for success.

Warm up: 1K row, 4:32
Front Squats: Build to heavy 3 reps: 35-55-95-110
To get ready for these coach had me do some breathing exercises while squatting, the breathing is something I have been teaching myself to control rather than holding my breath all the time while doing heavy movements.
1: 35# front squats @5 to practice keeping arms up in the front rack position.
2-55# Get in racked position, take a deep breath–hold it while squatting and holding the squat at the bottom for 2 counts, letting some air out and then coming back up again. I did 3-4 reps of these. 
3-95# Again get in racked position, take a deep breath-hold it while squatting down, back up half, down, and then back up while letting out a little bit of air each time. I did 2 reps of those. 
4-110# PR Three regular front squats with controlled rack position and breathing. It was a little hard to get up for the third one, but I told coach I probably could have gone a little bit heavier. Perhaps this week in class we will do front squats-1rep max. 
Max hold push-up position x2
1- 34 seconds
2- 34 seconds
Yep! Look at that I did it at the same time–I was using muscles I hadn’t used in awhile. The second time I kept looking at the clock because I wanted to get to the fist time at least and I collapsed at the exact same time. Progress. 
16, 14, 12 For Time
Front Rack barbell @55# Alternating Reverse lunges
Push-ups from a ring dip PVC low bar
Good Mornings 35#
Total time: 12:48

At some points during training today my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest and I found myself having to take big deep breaths and more rest times. I really tried to give myself a goal in my head of when I could stop and take a 10-15 second break. Due to a medication I started back on it made me need a few more breaks.


Ever since I was in middle school I have had ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). I’ve learned to cope with is many ways. I try to not do the medication, but as an adult I find myself feeling like I am in a fog and can’t keep things organized. As life gets more busy and there are more demands I just can’t cope without the help of the stimulant to get my brain to function right. So today, I started back on a medicine for my ADHD and it made me feel wired during the workout and then pretty much throughout the day. Actually asked my coach if I could do a second workout thinking that would help things; instead I cleaned my house and did some much needed organizing. It takes about two weeks to regulate in my system; so if you see me out and about and I sound with a chicken with my head cut off and I am talking a million miles an hour–it’s because my brain is trying to get refocused–LOL! Thank goodness I have Crossfit to use up some of extra energy I have.

I found this funny Pintrest quote and it totally describes me when I am not getting that extra medicated help to stay focused and not be so hyper.


Sometimes our progress is slow-the best thing you can do is be encouraging and keep helping those around you striving for their goals by staying positive words. A person won’t look like a beast overnight-muscles won’t form overnight-be encouraging no matter how slow their progress!



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