Tremendous Tuesday!


Whether you CrossFit or don’t we all have favorite strength movements or favorite workouts you crave to do. For me it is dead lifts-I feel like a kid at Christmas every time I see them on the blog for the WOD. I knew after a hard leg day yesterday today would be a challenge, but I was ready for it! I am pretty sure I have developed OCD (Obsessive Crossfit Disorder). It is all I can think of anymore and looking for ways to get better!

Today I did two intense workouts, the WOD at the box and then a workout with a group called Total Athletic Performance. I am going to be working with them on a project starting in January called Pace To Peaks-find us on Facebook we are there. I am going to be assisting with the Fitness Education they will be writing. I wanted to see a few of the workouts so I would be able to learn the different movements that may be incorporated with the training.

CrossFit Training at 5:30AM
A: Dead Lift (tough)
6: I started at 85#s did 6 all tap and go, rested 2 minutes.
4: Added weight making it 135# did 4-had to drop halfway through my sets, rested 2 minutes.
2: Added weight, moved to 205#s, did 1 and dropped, did last one and dropped the bar.

(I had Coach Kyle take a video of my dead lifts to see where my mistakes are; thinking I’ve got some form corrections I need to work on that will allow me to move up in weight on this movement.


3 Sets not for time, but at 65-75% effort–PACE! =)
10 DB Strict Press: 1 set: 10#, sets 2 & 3 15#s
10 DB Bent Row: 1st set: 15#s, sets 2 & 3 35#
10 Box Jumps: I did step ups on the 18 inch box at a medium to fast tempo.
10 Anchored Sit-Ups
10 calorie row
row 1: 36 seconds
row 2: 40 seconds
row 3: 39 seconds
Between each set we had a 3 minute rest walk

Total time including the breaks: 16:30

I had a protein shake in between each workout to help give me fuel.

Workout #2 @ 9:00AM-Total Athletic Performance-Naples

25 Reverse Jacks
10 Squats
15 Reverse Crunch

Quad Stretch
7 Inverted Toe Touch
7 Hug Knee/Lunge Reach
7 Elbow to Instep
7 Hip straight series on each leg

KB Lateral Step Ups 8 each side (25#)
4 Lunge Jumps-aka Broad jumps
15 Supermans

6 Yoga ball Push-up Knee punch (I was able to do 3)
12 TRX Tricep Extension
10 Lateral med ball slams

90 Second squat hold (I think I did 45 seconds max)
8 box blasts
10 V-ups

DB Shoulder Blast-forward/lateral/press (9#) 6 each movement
6 Box Walk Ups
50 Fast Bike

Needless to say it was a tremendous Tuesday and my legs have been on fire the rest of the day! b96256a42eacbe2df1bdc62ab04de1ae


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