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I have always had a passion for helping people young and old; that passion has led me down many wonderful paths. For years the passion of helping people allowed me to be an elementary teacher and an adaptive sports coach. Life is way to short to be miserable and frustrated in a job. With the support of my family I decided not go back to the classroom and find other ways to make my love of helping people a passion and a less stressful way of life. It hasn’t been easy not having a steady income each week, I have learned how to live off a little and be happy with what I have. Also I have had to sell some things (iPad, laptop, nice camera, materialistic things) to pay for food, electric, and things I may have wanted to do but didn’t have the money. But, through this transformation I have rediscovered me and what makes me happy and how to live on a budget.

Growing up I was always the fat kid and the one picked last for teams or games. In the 6th and 7th grade I used to come home in tears because kids would make fun of me. They’d call me names, bark or moo at me. My locker would have dog collars and bags of dog food by it, they even egged my locker several times. I was tall and fat. It didn’t help at home being asked why can’t I look like that skinny girl or being called names like thunder thighs. About age 13/14 my doctor put me on a strict diet to lose weight; I went from 200 down to 110 in about 8 months. By the time I graduated from middle school I was skinny. Okay so this all comes into play with this new project I am so blessed to be part of called Pace To Peaks. I will be helping with the fitness education and helping transform the girls. Their final goal will be hiking Manchu Pichu in Peru in May. I haven’t met the girls yet who will be part of the project, but I am excited to help them learn fitness and wellness to last them a lifetime.

Lately I find myself watching videos, reading books, and shadowing great trainers to learn all I can about fitness and wellness as I study to become a Personal Trainer. I have overcome so much and have made great changes, I want to share my passion for helping by helping people of all ages become a better them. Just because I do Crossfit doesn’t mean all my clients will and that is why I am trying to shadow different types of trainers in town so I can learn different techniques and training styles.

I’ve been training with a Crossfit Coach now for 10 weeks and it as you have been reading has been changing my life and body. I am learning to push through the pain and go that extra rep. I’ve been pushed to failure, I’ve been pushed to that “Fight or Flight” stage. Today was a prime example of how my training and mostly clean (80%) eating is making a difference. When I left the box today I thing “high” that I couldn’t explain. I was so damn proud of myself and my accomplishment during the WOD today. That is another thing that has improved is my mental thinking; I’ve gotten stronger and am continuing to learn how to trigger my brain to stay positive through tough situations. I’ve found phrases I can say to myself to push myself and say through my breathing to get me through to new benchmarks and higher goals.

Training: 5 Rounds for Time

6 Dead Lifts 135#
10 Wall Balls 14#

Total time: 5:42 RX

I looked at the other times on the board and then I looked at WOD and set a goal for myself. I figured 5 rounds and Wall Balls aren’t my strongest area so my goal was 10 minutes. We had some time to build to the weight we were going to use; I first warmed up with bar and then got to 85#s and did about 6 reps. Finally I added the rest of the weight on and knew that 135# would be okay for me. I made some adjustments on my form from a few days ago; putting my butt down more, feet a little closer together, and a mixed grip. I think I am going to get some new shoes my feet were really slipping in the ones I had on-perhaps lifting shoes or some nanos. The Wall Balls are still a struggle, I found myself breaking them down into 3 at a time for the last two rounds. But, I finished in under 6 minutes and I Rx’ed it! I am so thrilled!

We only have one life to live and so if you aren’t loving what you are doing-find a way to do what you love! It is really awesome to see how all the parts of the puzzle come together. If I didn’t do the Box Battle I wouldn’t have gotten connected with an amazing internship which allows me to do what I love and learn more about myself and fitness. God works in mysterious ways and bring blessings in ways that we have no control over. Day by day I am becoming a better me from the inside out.








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