New Bars and PRs.


Did you know that brand new barbells come loaded with PRs? Yes, that is right-well at least at our box they do! The last few training sessions we had been dancing around multiple reps of front squats and playing around with different loads, not knowing what my is my most recent 1Rep Max. In June of this year my Front Squat 1RM was 100 pounds, I was excited to be in triple digits. Last week I did 3 reps at 110#s. Today using the brand new shinny bar, I was able to do 130#s! I didn’t want to know the numbers as my coach built the bars. He would tell me to do 3 sometimes go down come up half and down and up full. One thing I need to really practice is my grip and keep the bar in my finger tips and my elbows up. As we climbed into the higher numbers I could feel myself falling forward just a bit. Thank goodness I have a great coach who helps correct and give me pointers on how to correct the little mistakes. See, I told you–that new shinny bar has built in PRs.

Mixed Modal Aerobic Training My 85% at an aerobic pace; one that I could do for 20-30 minutes.
6 minutes
row 150m
6 Thrusters @ 45#

Rounds: 4
Rest 4 minutes
6 minutes
Barbell on back, walking lunges X10 @45#
Ring Rows x 5
Rounds: 4


For either set, honestly I don’t think I could have done 20-30 minutes. I probably could have done 12-15 minutes; it’s all about pace. I am learning each new challenge that my coach throws at me to think of it as something I could see in a scaled competition. Pace is something that I am learning quickly to do and settle into to. Of course it helps when he is right there coaching me and encouraging me to settle into the pace on the rowers. I learned that having the bottom left number in about 27-29 was my 85% pace. Also from watching countless CrossFit youtube videos I am learning new rowing techniques that seem to be helping me use my long legs to my advantage. On the Thrusters I found myself tipping forward a little bit instead of staying down in my heels. After a few suggestions I was able to make the movement one complete and smooth movement and was better about staying in my heels.

It took me about 30 seconds to get up off the floor and walk around and refocus myself for the second set of 6 minutes. I found that the word STRENGTH really helps to get me focused and mentally ready for whatever task or challenge is given to me. In the BB walking lunges I have a bad habit of taking steps during my lunges. Coach caught me and said nope…can’t take steps, in a competition you could have to go back to start since most of the time they are done for distance. In the following rounds I made a conscious effort to make sure I planted both feet together when I needed a break and then move on. The ring rows are getting pretty simple for me. I am thinking I am going to have to adjust my feet and get into a lower angle to make them more challenging. I ended up doing 4 rounds with about 15 seconds left over, not really enough time to get set up and going again.

The Mixed Modal training stems from OPT: I tried to find a video clip but I wasn’t able to find much. There is a blog you can read and a few YouTube videos and I know there is always something to learn. James Fitzgerald is actually doing an Elite Athlete Camp at my box, but I am not at that level yet. I am like a student, I really want to learn all I can to make myself a better athlete and to be able to help people more efficiently once I become a trainer. Knowledge is awesome and powerful. I have always loved to learn and will continue to be that way forever.

Hope you have had a week filled with PRs and will reach new heights and new PRs this week! Share your most recent PR!



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