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You don’t get better at skills by avoiding them, you get better by practicing them. Today one of the coaches posted he was having an open gym and I went to go work on some skills I know I need to practice; wall walks, box jumps, pull-ups, and wall balls. I am still struggling a little bit with the confidence and mental side of some of these skills, but day by day I get a little closer. Today when I practiced wall walks, I was able to walk my hands in a little bit-that was a first for me. I jumped on that little wooden box-it tipped a little when I jumped onto it; but I got up there. I was able to jump on 3 45# plates and then I added a 10# plate and I wasn’t able to get up on it. Later, I went back with a more confident focus and mindset and I did it!

The coach there encouraged me to do the workout they were doing. So, I modified some and did most of it:


A: EMOM Bench Press x2 for 10 minutes; 70#s

B1: Ropes Climb-modified

B2: Seated Behind neck press x5

Rest 1 minute x5

For the rope climbs I sat on the ground and pulled myself up and down 3 times. Then after the third one I got some instruction on rope climbs. I think with a little more practice I could be there. I was able to pull myself up a little, the key will getting my feet. Next time I will wear pants too…I got some rope burn from having shorts on. The seat press I used the 35# barbell, although I probably could have done a higher weight. 

The cool thing about open gym time is that you get to play and practice things and just have fun. It isn’t structured and it beats sitting at home watching football!

Be great tomorrow!


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