Monday Funday


Fear is a jerk and a liar. The mind can mess you up; but I am learning through each WOD to dominate it! Each WOD I feel like I am getting a little bit stronger mentally and physically. I am learning to push through the pain, it has helps when there is a cute guy there to cheer you on too. Today a handsome box member was pushing me as I struggled to get through the second part of the WOD. I had to try hard to focus on the workout and not on the sweat running down his bare chest. Having someone watch and push me that looks good makes me want to go harder and stronger to the finish. Today was an amazing way to start the day and to start the week.

A: Jerk Balance practice
B: Push Press build to 1RM
10 Rounds For Time
10 T2B
10 HR Push-Ups
Time: 13:20

For the Jerk Balance we worked on feet movements and getting a strong base with the PVC pipe. I worked on different feet back, I feel like if I can get used to having my right foot back I have more balance and a steadier base. Since my left ankle has pins in my bone I find it harder to hold my left foot back and hold it in a strong jerk movement. Sometimes I have a tendency to float like a fairy in my jerk movement, but I am working on making it more aggressive.

Going into the push press I checked my last 1RM and that was 100# in June. My arms were a little sore from yesterday but I knew I wanted to get to at least 100 if not more. I’ve gotten smarter about warming up; I started with the 35# bar and did 4 reps, then I went to 55#s and did 4 reps. I realized that I was at the 2 minute mark and we had 12 minutes. I started taking about 90 seconds in between building sets. Building to 85#s I did 3 reps. I changed out the weights and added more up to 100#s; one thing different this time is I worked on keeping my core tight and focused on dip and driving the bar over head. I was able to lockout, but on the way to re-rack it I only got one side up and all the weights made a loud crash and went sliding off the bar. In hind site I probably only should have gone up 2.5 total, but I went up to 105#s. I refocused myself and worked on my dip and drive and I failed, plus I bonked myself in the head with the bar on the way back down. I tried one more time and still couldn’t get it completely locked out overhead. So, I am still at 100# for my 1RM with Push Press.

For the second part of the WOD we did 10 rounds for time. Usually I would do Toes to bar laying on the ground, but today I did them from the bar; I am almost able to get my knees up to my elbows. I tried using a box instead of jumping up to the bar before we started but felt that limited me and basically ended up kicking the box. So, I jumped up and did bar work today. I am still working on my strict push ups and after today I was unable to do the HR push ups strict, so I did them from my knees. After 5 rounds I was at 7:21 and finished all 10 rounds in 13:20. I made some progress today with my movements and that is what is important.

Each day I hear less and less of the negativity that used to swarm in my brain before each WOD. I feel that I am getting stronger and stronger. Through catching up with Paleo in a Box, I discovered I am not eating enough protein. Per their program you should be eating .8grams of protein per KG of body weight. Becoming more aware of my food will help me get to my end of the year goal and maybe even surpass it!896a478a4bbc564453c35497a4486c1c


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