Learn something each day…


Do you ever have that desire to read and learn all there is about a subject or something that interests you? Something has clicked in me with Crossfit, health, and wellness all I want to do is read and learn and study. Perhaps it is because I come from a family of educators, but I have always had that desire to learn. Lately I can’t get enough! My Tivo is deleting shows before I watch them, because I am not really watching TV anymore. Someone asked me what is different about me lately; I said I am more focused on my goals and  desires. I find myself saying no to social events that extend past my bedtime. I’ve become a creature of habit and I cannot get enough information into my brain-its nuts.

During the WOD today I learned a lesson that really affected my ability to get through the class. I layered a stimulant Pre-WOD on top of another stimulant. Yikes! Holy stars Batman! My heart was bumping out of my chest, I was seeing stars and at times I just felt like I couldn’t go on. I ended up scaling the WOD after the first round so I complete the class without too much more uncomfortableness. Read you labels of your pre-wod and other things you take to make sure you don’t get a wacky combination that will throw your body for a loop.

A: 1 1/4 Front Squats 4-5 reps x4 2 minute rest between sets ended up at 60#s
B: 3 Rounds for Time
20 KB swinngs @35#
20 Wall Balls @14#s
Time: 8:10 scaled

What is your focus? What drives you? What are the things you have to really focus on? I’m learning each day it is for sure a day by day journey and it helps to continually surround myself with similar goals and ones who will support me and me dreams and ambitions.



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