Midweek fun…


Have you ever had moments on your journey where something clicks?! It is almost like an “ahh haa” moment. I have been having more of those lately, I don’t know if it is because I have become more focused on staying consistent or eating better and cleaner foods have gave me greater mental focus. Either way…I am evolving and striving to me a better me each and every day. Some days training and WODs are hard and I really have to focus and fight to get through them, today was one of those days.

Training: 10-16-13
EMOM 6 minutes
5 jumping pull ups
3 air squats
Row 500m 
2 minute active rest
6 dead lifts @145#
12 anchored sit-ups
2 minute active rest
Row 500m

For the EMOM I went between 20 seconds down to 10 seconds for the work and then had time to recover and get focused again. This is the first EMOM I had done in personal training. I did do one on Sunday during open gym with the bench press. That was for 10 minutes and I think it took me about 28 seconds most times to get through. I like the EMOM because I can push hard to get through and then have time to recover again before I get going.

My best time for a 500m row is 1:53, but that was at a crossfit competition and I had a friend screaming in my ear and pushing me. Anthony set me up on the rower with the pace boat, I had never used the pace boat before, I like it. I tried to get out ahead of it as he suggested so I in the middle to the end when it got hard I would be ahead or just even with the pace boat. I finished ahead of the pace boat at 2:01. Coach said my lips were white and that meant I was working hard, surely matching that at the end was going to be the bigger challenge.

RFT, I was able to do all the dead lifts touch and go unbroken! I was a little slower with the anchored sit ups. I tried to use that as my break and get some big breaths in. Between the second set and before the third set I stopped for about 7 seconds to take a few big breaths before I was back at it. This was a quick segment on this workout. I ended up doing the 3 rounds in 2:56. I have nothing to compare it too, but coach said it was good.

Ah, the final 500m row again with the pace boat. I tried my best to get out ahead of the boat in the beginning. At one point I was just even with the boat and then the damn thing pulled ahead and I wasn’t able to catch up to it. Stupid pace boat kicked my ass at the end of this long and hard workout! After sitting on the rower for a few minutes I was ready to get off.

Today was a great training session from the workout to the discussion of food and paleo eating. I am trying to be as consistent as possible, using My Fitness Pal app has helped me track my protein grams and carb grams. Although I have lost a significant amount of weight this year, I still have more fat loss for sure. I am learning from my coach, paleo blogs, and books I have been reading how to eat paleo effectively for crossfit and the whys of food combinations. Before the training session today we took my measurements and I am down 5 inches! Day by day progress is made and the key to the progress is consistency.


Happy WOD’ing!


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