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New Years resolution we all make them and yet most of the time I seem to never follow through with mine. It is usually this time of the year where I think to myself; better get on that goal if you’re going to make it. This year has been different, I have pushed to fight for my goal and I am pushing each day to till I make it to the end and sail through the finish line. I’m actually focused on two goals right now one end December 31st and one ends my birthday weekend; January 17th. Each goal has a significant meaning to me and is keeping me fighting along the way. This week and forward onto my birthday weekend I added another training session with my coach to help tackle that goal and possibly even go beyond it. My sessions with him are so much harder than a regular class and really are designed to fit my weakness; thus making me that much more stronger.

Warm up and 400m run
Thacker Drills for cleans
A: EMOM: Power Cleans 2-3 for 6 minutes @85#s
B: Step Ups: BB on Back @55#s, 5-7/leg, rest 30 seconds b/t legs x4
Step ups, A/D cal
rest 2 minutes
step ups, A/D cal
Time: 7:58-2 min rest

A: EMOM, I love these guys! The power cleans were fun, but I need to work on releasing my hands instead of death gripping the bar all the way to the top racked position. I kept hitting myself in the collar bone when bringing the bar up into the racked position. I noticed when I listened to the cues my coach was giving me I could bring up the bar to the correct racked position. I had between 20-35 seconds to rest between the minutes of work.

B: Step Ups with the BB on my back was something we had done before, but this time I was just using one leg at a time. Really being cautious  to roll my strength from the heel to the toe instead of using the foot on the ground to push me. It is so much easier on my right leg than my left.

12-9-6/9-6-3: This piece I really had to push myself to keep fighting for it and staying after it. At one point in the middle of the piece I just keep talking to myself through my breaths telling myself to “keep fighting ever second counts” and to “push”. By the end the my legs were on fire and I really had to dig deep and use the fire in my legs to keep pushing on stay on top of it-don’t give up.

Each session I find myself leaving more and more gassed, like I literally am leaving it all in the box. Thank goodness I have a really flexible job that I can do from home most days. This journey is amazing and it is so fun to see the progress I am making each day. Today was a great training session and I got another PR-on my power cleans! I found this quote today and it is the perfect way to end this:

Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of yourself every step you take towards reading that goal.”Fitness, Health, and Happiness


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