Makes you go hmmmm



Not every day is going to be a winning day at the box, what matters is you go and give it your best. As much as I try to surround myself with positivity, there are some days I just see words and don’t feel that positive energy and feelings flowing through me. As an adult it really pisses me off when other adults are cruel and demeaning, most times I can just let it roll off my back and use it to fuel me. Today walking into the box I didn’t go in with the motivation and positivity I usually do and I think that had an effect on my WOD. On the other side, today in group class was one of the first days I found myself pushing the way I usually do in coaching sessions.


800m Run
2 minute rest
10 burpee jump overs
10 Power Cleans RX for part
10 Shoulder to overhead
2 minute rest
800m Run
Post WOD A/D for 8 minutes

800M: So, I never have been the fastest runner. Headed into the first 800m I really wasn’t that focused on a goal or the task. I had my plan (run the 200m route 4 times) but just didn’t really take the time this morning to get myself in the right mind set. I did the first 800m in 10:15. I did walk some and went at sort of a slow pace. When the guys did 400m in the time I did 200m I got a little discouraged, but tried to keep plugging away.

3RFT: Burpee jump-overs; I have that damn mental block again with the box. I don’t know if I am afraid of getting hurt or afraid of failing in front of my classmates. I ended up using the 20″ box stepping up, jumping down and right into my burpees. I tried to just keep pushing through and going without a break-pacing myself. Yesterday in my coaching session I did power cleans so I was excited to have them again; although I think I did too heavy of a weight. You were to do the same weight for shoulders to overhead too; I chose 85#s. After the first set I had to do 2 at a time and ended up using C/J to get them up.  In the middle of set 2 and for set 3 I had to use another gals bar @55#s to finish the shoulders to overhead.

800M: By this second 800m I was really warmed up and knew that I wanted to finish in under 10 minutes. I did the same strategy as before. After I got halfway through, I tried to pick up my pace. I worked on picking up my feet instead of dragging them along and tried to get some longer strides. My second run I did in 6:20. I took 4:05 off my first time.

I saw my friend T and asked her what she thought and then texted my coach to see if I could problem solve why the great difference in the two times. T thought maybe a timing error, perhaps walking too much. Coach asked me if I wasn’t ready physically or not focused, also maybe a timing error. As I tried to reflect on the WOD and why such a difference from one to the next and it came down to not being focused and mentally prepared. The day started with some negativity and I think that really affected my ability to get focused and ready for the workout. Once I got into the bar movements I really had to push hard and focus on getting the bar up and then overhead, which always help to clear away stress. By the last 800m I set a goal and wanted to be done in under 10 minutes and I did that. Sometimes when I have or do things that puzzle me, it helps to talk it over with friends and those who know me-it still makes me go hmmm. But, I can’t go back and change anything it is done and it doesn’t do any good to stew over it.

Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day and day by day I will work on conquering my fears, weaknesses, and set new goals.

Happy WOD’ing!


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