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The harder and harder I am pushed the more I learn about breathing and how to control it when my body is being pushed to the max; just pushing through each last rep or second. After doing some reading (which I’ll add the links to the bottom if you want to read more) I am learning that proper breathing techniques can be the difference in time off your WODs or getting that heavy bar off the ground or over head. You know that saying. “Get comfortable with uncomfortable”? I experienced that uncomfortable feeling today, I felt like a fish gasping for air as I tried to use only the 10 breaths I had before I had to push again. Another factor which goes along with breathing is mental toughness; which is something that I struggle with as I am sure most Crossfitters do (if they’ll admit it).

Don’t focus on what’s left in your race… just focus on the next step. (CrossFit Newport Beach)

Excerpt from an article I found on Crossfit Newport Beach blog: “Assuming you’re not training with any injuries and it’s the mental component we’re dealing with, this is where mental training proves extremely valuable. Don’t focus on what’s left in your race or workout, don’t even focus on those around you, just focus on the next step. One foot, one rep, one stroke after another. Incorporate focused breathing to relax and invigorate your body—then carry on.” The blogger goes on to talk about having self-awareness, you’ve got to know your body for sure. None of us are the same and we all have different limits even though we may look similar on the outside. Know your body and your mind so you can improve what you need to in order to meet you goals for yourself.


A: EMOM 6 minutes: Power Clean/Push Press/Push Jerk @75#
B: Jerk Balance technique work
5 Sets
7 HR P/U
9 Sit-ups: Med Ball @10#s
10 breath rest
Row 150m hard
Rest 3 minutes

A: This was my third day in a row of bar overhead movements, I have been sporting some nice bruises on my collar bone, shoulders, and legs. On a sidebar note it is odd but my bruises seem to be worse on the right side and not the left-perhaps there are some imbalances in my upper body which cause them to be different. Anyways-this was a complex move I went from one to the next before putting the bar down. My coach gave me some adjustments on my feet position and making me aware of locking out the bar before bringing it down to avoid “no reps”. (Can’t wait for my lifting shoes to get here to see what a difference they make in lifting.)

B: Jerk Balance: Do you know how you test someone to see which is the foot that should be in front?! You stand behind them and pretend that you’re looking at their posture from the back and then push them forward. I am sure this is how the Cavemen did it too, LOL! When you go forward you put out a foot without thinking to catch your fall, this is the foot that is forward for your jerk. I worked on making firm movements and not floating like a fairy into the jerk balance position. I am going to work on these for homework with some PVC pipe and during warm up times at the box.

5 Sets: I am proud to say, I don’t look as much like a worm on my regular HR p/u as I used to; even more exciting is I really don’t need to do them from my knees anymore!! The break of 10 breaths came into play in this set. I really found that I had to concentrate on my breaths so I didn’t waste them; 10 isn’t a lot when you are pushing hard and are starting to run out of steam. The first two sets I was able to use my breaths somewhat effectively, but when I got to the third set and beyond it became so hard. I really had to let go and concentrate on slowing down my breathing when I felt like I was already gasping for air-that is the uncomfortable feeling. Occasionally I held my breath thinking that would help get the air into my system that I needed to get to push through the last piece. On the rows today I could feel my butt flying back on the seat and my feet were sliding up and down in my shoes I was pulling so hard. The three minute rest in between sets went by quickly, I sat and caught my breath and then got up and walked around and drank some water each time to help my system recovery and be ready to go hard again.

Day by day I am learning more and more about crossfit, techniques, and continually to push towards my goals and conquer my mental toughness too. The cool thing about the sport is you can learn something every WOD which you can take into your daily life. After I left the box I had a really stressful afternoon, after a minor freakout I was able to just step away and practice my breathing techniques and mental toughness. Every day is a gift and being able to start each day fresh is a blessing in disguise.

I’m a person who holds in my worries, burdens, and have a hard time opening up to share what I am really feeling. Then when it all comes to a head and I can’t keep stuffing in the trails in my life-I crack and usually after a good cry I am ready to go back to reality. Today while I was driving I heard this song on the radio and it really touched my heart and comforted me as I let it all out. http://youtu.be/4mmgV6mPvb0






Threshold Breathing Techniques: http://crossfitqc.net/riding-the-edge-threshold-breathing-technique/

CrossFit Newport Beach, Mental Toughness: http://www.crossfitnb.com/blog/mental-toughness-2



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