New Month….goal setting time



It’s official I am registered to compete in the Scaled Women’s Division of Wodapoolza. You know when you get so excited for something and you do it and then within hours or days you freak out and get scared. Yeah, that is me! I have been struggling with my confidence level and holding on to something that is blocking me from going all out-I’m not sure what it is. I’ve got a lot of work to do in the next 11 weeks, but I have been fighting hard and staying motivated thus far. I know I just have to dig down deep and push out that fear of what ever it is holding be back and let go and do this!


Physical/Crossfit: To able to jump onto the 18″ box 5 times in a row, no more step ups. To be closer to toes to bar and pull ups.

Steps for box jumps: I am going to use plates and start jumping from plates to the box, slowly reducing the amount of plates so I am just jumping from the ground to the box.

Steps for T2B and Pull ups: going to use my new bar in the garage and do 10 negatives each day and 10 K2E each day for the first week and then increase by 5 each week until I am doing 25 of each one each day.

Food: to be consistent with only 1 cheat meal per week. To remember to keep my meals at a “higher level” than just a protein shake.

Mind: To not hold things in that bother me, to write in my personal journal each night to let go of everything before I close my eyes and get rejuvenated.


Be Great today!




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One thought on “New Month….goal setting time

  1. Love the goal setting Julie!! Don’t forget to visualize your success! See yourself reaching those goals and create that wonderful feeling that comes with accomplishment!! You can also visualize yourself taking the steps to reach the goals! Keep up the GREAT work. You are an inspiration!


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