Letting go more and more each day



Each session I am able to let go of the fear and doubt that are holding me back. I have coaches and friends tell me I am stronger than I think I am but I have to believe it. “How” I asked my coach one day-he and his wife have the same answer, it just takes time. Each coaching session I try to push myself a little harder and trust more that if I fail it is okay and that will make me stronger. The mental game is just as important and today was one of those days I knew it would be a little harder to push through. I found myself tearing up in the middle of the last round and a half-but I am so thankful for my coaches wife who I trained with today was there and she pushed me, supported me, and ran with me and didn’t let me quit. I left my tears and sweat on the box floor today and broke off a little bit more of me that I was latching onto.

Training-coaching session
1 Rep Max Back Squat


Partner “Whitten” 3 Rounds
22 KBS at 40#s
22 Box step ups @24″
Run 200 each
22 Burpees
22 Wall Ball Throws

1RM Back Squat: The last time I had a true 1RM test was back in February of this year and I did 85#s. Today I got to 165#s! I tried to do 175 and 170 but ended up losing the bar down my back. Yeah, rolling that heavy of a bar down your back really doesn’t feel good-I’ve got to get better on “bailing” the bar. But, I am extremely happy with the 165#! 

“Whitten” The gal I trained with today we did this one as a partner, I did a rep she did a rep and so on through almost all of it. By the second round middle I was struggling on parts and having a hard time getting my breath. I fought through with my coaches help and the gal I trained with. It was here I left my tears and sweat and pushed through till the end. We all really came together as a team and that is what I needed today. 

It’s not the first time I have left tears and sweat on the box floor and I am sure it won’t be the last. The training session today was really just what I needed and it allowed for some growing and some letting go of a little of that block I am holding onto. I know deep down inside that if I just keep chipping away at what is holding me back little by little on my time, then one day there won’t be anything holding me back and I can go for it. Sometimes other people think they can help you speed up that letting go, but really it has to be done on your own time and in a way that will allow you to let go of it forever and never look back.

Happy WOD’ing!



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