Training: Group WOD

A. Split Jerk build to 80% 1RM
500m Row
20 burpees

 A: So I didn’t necessarily follow directions today. I actually didn’t know my 1RM for the Split Jerk so that is what I did. I progressed up the weights from 55-65-75, which at 75 it still seem pretty light so I chucked 20 more pounds on there and got up to 95#s. Here I did 2, but I am not sure if I was leaning forward or what happened but neither time I was able to re-rack the bar and ended up just dropping it each time. Luckily one of the guys in my class was kind enough to lift it onto the racks so I could go again. So, I have my first recorded weight of 95#s for a split jerk-I was happy.

4RFT: I knew from all my work with my coach that this was going to be a piece in which I would have to pace myself. I did a little math in my head thinking my average time for a 500m row is just under 2:30, the burpees are more challenging for me so I figured about 5 minutes of time for each round. My goal was to finish in under 20 minutes. I really had to fight for it, each round it got harder and harder I had to concentrate on my breathing and my rowing technique at the same time. Who doesn’t love a sport where your peers cheer you on when you are the last to finish. I fought hard, my coach pushed me and I did it; I finished in 19:53 just under my goal of 20 minutes!

Today I stayed after and did a little extra work. I got on the A/D and did about 15 minutes or so as a cool down and then I did a 6 minute EMOM of 7 leg raises. I’ve been fighting through some things in which I am learning to be more vulnerable with my friends/peers-but I am not ready to lay them down on the blog yet. I will say the few people I have been open with have really been understanding, caring, and encouraging about it. Day by day I will open up more and more. My coach comes back after a week off to go hunting, I can’t wait to get back on a normal schedule again. 



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