Stronger than you think you are



You are always stronger than you think you are….very true and something I am continuing to work through. Today in the class WOD we did Back Squats for strength. I still haven’t quite figured out how to gauge how heavy I should go in class. As I continue to get stronger I need to be a little more aggressive with the weights. At the end of the strength section today I was sort of mad at myself because I didn’t go heavy enough. For the first set of 6 I started at 95#s, then for 4 I went to 105#s, and finally for 2 I was at 115#s. In hind site I probably should have started at 115#s and gone up from there. I have a bad habit of beating myself up about things or being hard on myself and I through the encouragement of a coach I am trying not to do that; it’s part of the learning curve.

Last night was another sleepless night, probably the first in awhile that I hadn’t been to sleep by 0300. The last I looked at the clock it was 0445 and I was just getting to sleep for the first time last night. I got up about 1100, but felt very sleepy still. I had lunch about 1:30PM, then made it a goal to hit the 415pm class. Okay, so for the second part of the workout it was a taxing piece. Knowing I didn’t have much in the tank today I did a lighter ball and cut it all in half; wall balls and pull-up-I did ring rows. The wall balls are coming along and again the lifters really help to hold my feet securely in place, although they were a little odd when doing the ring rows.

About three weeks ago I had a pull up bar installed in my garage and I went home determined to make friends with him again. I put some purple tape on the bar because he was mean to my hands and I got after it. I was able to do negatives more successfully that I had done then before. I did use a green band, but I surprised myself with how long I was able to hold the negative for-again I am slowly learning that I am stronger than I think I am.

Happy WOD’ing!



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