Pictures, Progress, and TGUs

You don’t have to be great to start, you have to start to be great!

This phrase has been my go to, my motivation that I go to. So, I follow some great blogs and I always see some great photos. Friday when I had my coaching session I had my coach play photographer and coach at the same time. He got some great photos that I wanted to share with you. Friday’s session was more than just another workout and coaching session for me, I truly understood what it means to leave it all at the box. There was a circumstance in my life which caused me to hit an all time bottom emotionally and I knew I needed to lift heavy, push hard, and leave it all at the box in order to start moving back up and strengthening emotionally, mentally, and of course physically. 

Usually my sessions on the board, but this time I got to have some input and that was great. I knew I needed to lift heavy, do something that was going to require me to give my all. Usually my coaching sessions have two pieces to them, but not this session. The WOD: 12 minute AMRAP: 3 Dead Lifts at 75% of my body weight which was 165#s, 9 anchored med ball sit ups with a 14# ball, 3 med ball throws @14#, ball tossed behind. In 12 minutes I did 7 rounds and 8 reps, thank you to my box mate who stayed after his training to help cheer me on as I pushed hard to get through this WOD and truly leave it all; my sweat, tears, and trials.

Pictures: Coach training at CrossFit Redline in Naples, FL

novbox4                            novbox3


I realized last night that I didn’t share and blog about one of my challenging coach training sessions this week. Even though the time has passed, I do like to go back and write about them and reflect on the session so I know how I need to improve going forward. This has been a rough week emotionally for me and was really an eye opener. It is true that you can be an amazing friend and be there for someone, but when you need that person or people the most at your struggle they are not there for you. Life can be a struggle and just because it may look pretty on the outside, or there is a smile on a persons face doesn’t mean they aren’t dying inside. For me this blog is amazing and have been able to open up through here and on my personal journal; writing has amazing healing properties.

Training: Coach Session, November 20th 

A: A/D 15 minutes, pace 65%-off every 3 minutes for water
3 Rounds NFT
Row 350M
5 jump overs
10 OH W/L Fat bar
A: A/D, I love this thing now…I had to get off every 3 minutes and walk across the box and get my water. I still have a pacing issue, although I am getting better and more consistent with knowing the pace. Getting focuses before the WOD and taking that few minutes standing at the bar or at the first component. Really thinking about the movements, the pace, strategy, and goal. As a friend would say using your visualization skills to get you focused so you know what the short-term goal to attained will be. 
B: TGU-this is one of those movements that I really have struggled with. In class WODs with them, in all honesty I have avoided those classes because I get so frustrated with the  movement I didn’t WOD that day. I hadn’t been able to do any weights with them. I was able to use a KB today to do them. I am sure I am probably not the only one who has struggled with these. I had my coach video me doing them so I would be able to do them at home with accuracy, also I am a visual/kinesthetic learner so it really helps me to learn new things to watch them over and over and practice. So, lucky reader–I hope these videos help you too. 
TGU videos, dictated by Anthony DiSarro
TGU part 1
TGU Part B

3 Rounds NFT: For part of my warm up we spent the first part of probably 10 minutes working on jump overs. I get so afraid and worked up about jumping over as simple as a parellette, I get tears in my eyes. It is like my body is saying you got this no problem, but my brain is like yo-you can’t do this don’t even try. I was able to jump over the fat bar with two plates under each side. Sadly, I didn’t make my goal this month of box jumps. I know the month isn’t over, but it would take a Thanksgiving miracle to get me jumping on a box. The fat bar for the walking lunges is amazing…love it!

Today I ordered the 21-Day sugar Detox by Diane Sanfilippo and I am determined to make my end of the year goal. I only have 20 more pounds left to make it to that goal and I am going to find the strength and determination to get there. Even if it means, one breath, one day, one rep at a time!

This picture signifies my week is more ways than words could say.

Thanks Kill Cliff–for helping me recover faster. The thing I love most about this picture is I can see some definition in my arms that I haven’t been able to notice before. One thing that if you didn’t know about me, you do know is that I am very hard on myself and don’t give myself enough credit or positivity. It’s part of the journey and even though I am strong, getting fitter, thinner, and able to accomplish things only my coaches see-I know that one day I will see it too.


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