Pacing Test



Today was a true test of heart over mind and mental strength. I have been trying to learn to focus myself before each WOD and have positive thinking; today I accomplished great things in my training. When you are told you have an 60 minute AMRAP, I don’t know about you but I was kind of like WTF?! Today instead of freaking out about the prescribed AMRAP, I took the time to focus, give myself some positive phrases, and make a plan. I knew that I had to pace myself, I couldn’t go flying out of the gate like I was unstoppable.

Training: Coach Session
60 minute AMRAP
1,000m row
100′ farmers carry with 40# KB/hand
5 wall walks
25 single jumps

Total Rounds: 7 + 973m

Breakdown of times:
1- 6:58
2- 7:09
3- 7:20
4- 7:36
5- 7:22
6- 7:24
7- 7:13

I felt amazing after this AMRAP, it was a real confidence booster for me. I know now that I am strong and I can accomplish great things! I rowed close to 8,000M, 700 feet of farmer carry, 35 wall walks, and 175 single jumps unbroken.

Happy WOD’ing!!


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